Flowers are Pretty

Flowers are cannot only be used as a decoration, but they can also be used as part of our meal. As unbelievable as it may sound, some flowers, their whole body, can be used for seasoning our food. Moreover, flowers essences have been widely used all this time, so why not include edible flowers.

Most flowers have a nutritional value too, which means that they will be not only tasty, but also healthy as well. On the other hand, many cultures already use flowers as a part of their culinary history and medicine as well.


Edible Flower Garden - Eco and Healthy Lifestyle

Although these beauties look nice, they can actually be used in a variety of ways to spice up your meal of the day. With the flower’s vibrant color, it is not only an added flavor in taste but in looks as well. This flower goes well with rice dishes, soups and many salads.

Be careful though, the petals have a strong and spicy flavor that needs some getting used to, but the leafs are bitter. Moreover, they contain carotene, which is needed for your body to convert it into Vitamin A; healthy and nutritional.

The Dandelion

Most would think that dandelion is only a weed found in your own backyard; however, it cannot be further from the truth. These small plants are very versatile and are exceptionally high in nutrition. It is unbelievable but the leafs have a mustard-like taste and contain a lot of Vitamin A, C and iron; even more iron than spinach does actually.

The leafs can be eaten raw, or prepared in a variety of ways, and they make any salad really tasty. As for the flower, it can be used to make wine and even jam; it is a very good substitute for honey as well.


Edible Flower Garden - Eco and Healthy Lifestyle

The lavender is used more as an additive for other food rather than eating the whole plant. However, it enhances anything greatly and gives it a unique flavor. By adding the buds, or the oils and aroma it releases from grinding the flower, you can enhance any savory dish, stews or even sauces.


The good thing about this flower is that it can be eaten whole. They have a unique grassy or minty flavor that can go well with desserts, rice or other green food. As a bonus, cakes and other pastries have, a more distinctive and interesting flavor if made with candied pansies or decorated with pansies garnish.

The Rose

Although we have been using roses for the beauty of the flower and for its distinctive aroma and, now we know that almost the whole thing is edible too. Eating the hips or the petals or even the leafs is a great source of Vitamin C.

Rose petals are powerful additives when preparing cakes or other desserts, and can be even brewed into tasty teas. The rose hips can be made into delicious vinegar and jam as well; it is guaranteed to add that extra bit of taste to anything.

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