Generate any BMW radio code from scratch! When it comes to equipping our vehicles the first thing that pops in our heads is the BMW radio unit. We pick and choose these gadgets with great attention and care, because eventually, the BMW radio is the gadget we rely on the most when we ride our BMW’s.  So far I haven’t met a person that is impartial to the BMW radio that they intend to buy or already have in their BMW’s.

We love our auto radios as much as we love our BMW’s. Still, when it comes to these inevitable pieces of equipment we fail at one thing. And that is to get to know how the BMW radio unit really works. All we know is what we have always known. You buy the BMW radio code from the store or from an online market place, we install it, we punch the unlock code and the BMW radio works nonstop.

What we don’t know though, is of a greater importance than you can imagine. For example, did you know that you should keep the unlock code of the BMW radio? Did you know that different BMW radio models and brands have different unlock codes? Did you know that the BMW radio rests every time the auto battery is depleted? And finally, did you know that there is a way to restore any BMW radio code, in case you forgot it or lost it?

So, if you managed to get confused by all these questions then you should keep reading this article. We will fill the holes of your knowledge for BMW radio electronics and we will share a secret with you while doing that.

In other words we will tell you exactly how you can calculate your BMW radio unlock code in case you need it.

Your BMW radio unit may have rest for many reasons. We are not here to discuss that though. We are here to discuss about what you should do after the reset was done and when you must punch a code but have no idea where to start.

What is the starting point when your BMW radio accidentally resets?

The starting and the ending point is the same. You start dealing with the problem by downloading and installing the BMW Radio Code Generator and with that you end the above mentioned problem.

The BMW Radio Code Generator can help you find the code you cannot remember. The BMW Radio Code Generator will generate you the code even if you never know it before. The BMW Radio Code Generator will deliver you the code even if you’re not the first owner of the unit.

What you really should do is find the serial number of the locked BMW radio and to get the BMW Radio Code Generator on your computer. After that you will receive a list of detailed instructions on your email address and you can that the matters in your hands from there.

Don’t hesitate to make this step. turn your silent BMW radio unit into a working one just by utilizing the BMW Radio Code Generator to achieve what you thought impossible- generate your BMW radio’s unlock code form scratch!