Help desk software has become an indispensable part of a modern business. It enables customer service agents perform their tasks much faster and better, while IT departments get a perfect opportunity to work with the higher efficiency.

A good example of safe and user-friendly help desk software is bpm’online. The system offers businesses a 360° customer view, a number of tools for request management, a convenient contact center, a multi-functional system designer, and so on. You can read about other characteristics of the CRM products from bpm’online on the product’s official website. Here, you can also try the free version of the platform or contact the company’s representatives, if necessary.

Top 6 Ways Help Desk Software Can Improve Your Business

What Is Help Desk Software

Talking about the systems of the kind, we imply the software, which organizes the data of the customer service, streamlines its workflows, and eliminates a number of manual processes. Implementing such solutions, IT support specialists save themselves from the logging troubles by hand, digging through the crowds of disorganized emails, tracking the status of requests manually, etc. All the processes within the customer support department become organized, synchronized, and carefully controlled. This is the key purpose of any help desk software, including bpm’onlie.

Using service desk solutions, your agents won’t have to reach out to the specialists from tech support – they’ll simply submit the tickets to the corresponding subdivision of the helpdesk team by email or a web-based form. It’s the software that will be largely responsible for receiving, logging and assigning of issues to your technicians, which makes the whole process more convenient, effective, and fast. Besides, help desk software keeps detailed records of the requests and claims submitted to your client service team. Therefore, your employees can have free access to all the issues at any moment they need.

Six Ways Help Desk Software Will Help You

Let us have a look at the key advantages of such platforms – the ways they can improve your business, increase the level of customers’ satisfaction and, thus, grow the company’s revenue:

#1 — It will let your team work more efficiently

Using such software, the customer service agents will be able to submit issues much faster and devote more time to other tasks. The same can be said about IT professionals, who won’t have to waste time on unnecessary manual processes, while all of them will be automated and synchronized.

#2 — Help Desk Software will let your employees work in a multitask mode

If you implement the platform, your agents will have an opportunity to categorize and prioritize the requests and claims right then and there. It will let them choose the most urgent issues and work on them, while less clamorous problems will be set aside for the time being.   Besides, using such software, an agent can handle multiple issues of the same type in a single trip from the wiring closet, which is very quick and convenient.

#3 — It is a corporate base for all IT requests

Most help desk systems have a user portal serving as a unified place where clients can create tickets, track the status of the issues they’ve opened, as well as close resolved tickets. Alternatively, the agents of your customer service can use this portal as a call-board: they can transmit important information to buyers, which will also reduce the number of unnecessary tickets.

#4 —Help Desk Software can be customized in accordance with your needs

Along with the title and description of every request, most platforms of the kind include additional data concerning the issues. Your employees can create certain custom fields, for example, company location, cost of certain products, the time of their delivery, and so on. In order to offer the agents more detailed data on these issues, your IT specialists can create additional reports based on this information.

#5 — It will let you analyze IT trends and improve the company’s workflow

The software like bpm’online is a good tool for tracking a number of metrics. It will let the managers of your client service department track the average time necessary for resolving of issues, the number of requests closed by each agent, and so on. Using this data, your IT managers will run particularized reports to discover trends. Thereafter, you can choose the techs who are especially good at specific tasks and give them all related tickets, which will make the work of your team more efficient and fast.

#6 — You will be able to prioritize essential tasks

Different issues have different degrees of urgency. One client writes you about a broken mouse, while another informs your IT specialists about a failed server, which can affect the whole company. Naturally, the responses to these requests must be different: you can set aside ‘the mouse problem’ for some time, while the server should be repaired as soon as possible. Using the help desk software, your technicians can easily sort the tickets they receive and select the most essential ones. Then they will readdress the high urgency tickets to the corresponding specialists – and you will easily bail out of any possible difficulties.

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