Memory card wars are fought on two fields: size and speed, SanDisk launched two new ultra micro SD cards. Well support for our smartphones and other gadgets. The Premium Edition and Extreme Ultra microSDXC UHS-I edition, each one offers a storage capacity of 256 GB.

SanDisk MicroSD card 256GB indeed offers fast read and write speeds. The storage device data transfer speed rates up to 100 MB / s read and 90MB / s write, a little better than its competitor. Other side it’s competitor Samsung only offers to read / write speed of 95 MB/s and 90 MB per second. The manufacturer claims that it is also important to increase the storage volume, the speed of writing or reading, especially in a market where high-definition has become a norm. It is the largest storage capacity currently available in the world. SanDisk’s also launched the 200GB MicroSD card. That offers read speeds supports up to 90MB/Sec. Which is priced at $240. SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB supports data transfer speeds of 275 MB/s and 100 MB / s reading and writing.

MicroSD cards are common in the world of smartphones. Because you can store a lot’s of photos, videos or music on your smartphone without cutting the internal memory. But we still need more memory, that’s why SanDisk has introduced its new 256 GB MicroSD cards. MicroSD card 256GB is capable of recording up to 14 hours of video in high definition footage from devices. Perfect for your holiday videos or movies. An important guarantee for the security of data. You can also backup devices to the card using the free SanDisk Memory Zone app.

Other side 256GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card Premium Edition that offers read speed up to 95MB/s (but there is no official word on write speeds). Waterproof, temperature-proof.

According to the company, Both these Micro SD cards will be available globally, faster data transfer card priced at $199.99 (INR. 13,500) and it will be available in Q4 2016, and the slightly slower version priced at $149.99 (INR 10,100) and it will be available in August. Samsung 256 GB MICROSD CARD offers writing and reading speeds respectively 90MB / s and 95MB / s. Supports 12 hours of 4K footage from smartphones.

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