When do you think, the need of online booking of air tickets generated? It was definitely an after effect of cost cutting phenomenon that you may not understand directly. This write-up gives an insight on online booking of air travel. In the course of cutting costs to save their businesses, one by one airline announced the end of sales commissions. Travel agents were forced to charge fees for booking flights in order to stay profitable. Online travel agencies are no exception. When you book a flight online you pay a service fee, per person.

Both airlines and online agencies charge an extra fee to serve customers on the phone, per person. If you are only making a reservation for one person or travel infrequently, the fee could be worth the time savings of paying for an experienced agent with quick fingers to book your trip. However, if you are making reservations for more than one person, the cost of assistance from a human voice will add up

The advantage to making a reservation over the phone with an airline agent is that they can put a reservation on hold until midnight local time of the day that you call. Only space is reserved, not the fare. When you call back to purchase the ticket the fare is re-priced. If the fare quoted to you earlier is no longer available you must pay the higher fare. For this reason, agents are required to advise you the fare is not guaranteed until purchased.

Use an online agency to find the lowest fare or best schedule among all airlines in your market, then purchase online directly from the airline’s website. My cheap trick only applies if you will travel on a single airline. The agency website looks for the lowest fare in your market and may find it by piecing routes together with multiple airlines.

Airline websites rarely offer service on other airlines, except in the case of continuing flights in markets where they do not offer service, so you must book directly with the agency website. The first airline in your itinerary will usually be the ticketing airline, except in the case of codeshares.

Online travel agencies provide a folder for past trips. The folder is useful for capturing airline costs for tax or accounting purposes. Also, if you stayed at a great little hotel you would like to recommend to a friend but you cannot remember the name, can find it in your profile. Cancelled trips are filed also.

Certainly, you must have gained clarity on when you need to book your air travel online. Probably, from now onwards you will easily book your air tickets online. In case, still you are left with some confusion, then there is no need to worry. You are just a call away and there are many airlines that are ready to solve your query and resolve them as soon as possible. One such airline is Ryanair, just give a call at Ryanair contact number and the expert professionals will be ready to assist you in the most appropriate manner.

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