Any one of us can face some sort of medical emergency at any time; surely, there is no guarantee of life or health. In case of a severe illness or disability, life can become extremely miserable, especially if you belong to a middle-class or poor family; going through even one month without income can be a horrible experience. However, the existing social security system in the US provides you a sigh of relief if you have faced serious medical problems, which do not allow you to work and earn.

How To Appeal A Social Security Disability Denial Online

Many people are not accepted for social security disability as the officials believe their cases are not strong enough. However, there is no point giving up, as you do have the option of appealing against the rejection. If you have been denied, you may go online and file an appeal and if your case is genuine, there is a strong likelihood that you will win social security disability appeal, not matter what state you are living in. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

Appeal Period

If your social security disability claim has been rejected, you have 60 days to file an appeal against the denial. If you seriously think that your case is genuine and once you make up your mind to file an appeal, go to the official website of the US social security department.

Read the Instructions

Having clicked on the above mentioned link, you need to read all the information on that page and note down all the points that are relevant to you. Now scroll down on the page and go the option ‘Start the appeal’.

You will now be taken to another page which offers you more and precise information about what you need to do to file an appeal on social security disability over the internet. Once you have read the information carefully, press the ‘continue’ button.

Fill the Application

You will now be taken to the application page and are required to give all your information. Insert your information carefully and make sure that all the required fields have been filled. Avoid any kind of spelling mistakes while entering your name, address or any other information. You can now submit your application.

Call the Social Security Disability benefits Office

When you are done with submitting your application online, you should call your local social security disability benefits office and tell the officials that you have filed an appeal. If you do not have the contact information of the local social security disability benefits office then call 1-800-772-1213 to take the required data.

Important Tips & Warnings

If you wish to file the appeal in person then you may follow the instructions on the denial letter.

You would not be allowed to file an appeal after 60 days of receiving the denial letter.

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