Branding! Strictly speaking can not be bought, branding is the result of a company policy and various actions of customer relationships and loyalty. However it is quite possible to order the creation of a brand identity with a marketing agency. This type of project is to create a global identity organization, be it a company, association or even a local authority. Please note we are not talking about the creation of custom logo, but identity in general. It thus emerge in the visual identity concepts, but not only. The goal is that you are easily identifiable.

Between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars with an agency “luxury”

Well yes, a brand identity takes planning, it is organized. And if you’re a baker or plumber you are not necessarily marketing specialist, like us, we are not expert in baking or health facility! So many companies delegate this task to a marketing agency to create a strong brand identity, while giving some instructions like: “I love the yellow, put yellow” Creating brand identity is exciting as well as the design of a custom logo or storytelling, but it takes time and suddenly some agencies ask for very high sums.

Between 3,000 and 7,000 dollars with a “normal” agency

A provincial agency, or a small Parisian agency that places its products and its customers at the center of his interests and not his train high life in general will offer you an offer to a sum a little more correct. You can have proposals 3-7000 dollars for the creation of a brand identity. What you need to think about is not the offer price, but the value added that this can bring to your business. If the offer is five thousand dollars but you triple your sales, you probably made money, and you will fail your visibility improved and possibly your reputation.

Between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars with a freelance communications consultant

An independent adviser will often be in the same rates as communication agencies for this type of products. In terms of quality, the advisor will go through against generally more time on the record, to refine it. But this is a generality and some agencies spend a lot of time for this type of project, and conversely some freelancers botch their work to the quantity instead of quality. Ideally, if you choose an independent advisor is to talk with that person to try to see if it has the serious air. Ask questions about the offer, be curious and you will have all the cards.

Between 1,900 and 2,800 dollars in TheLogoNow

Our offer is very comprehensive and meets specific requirements that small businesses, artisans and merchants. We decided to set our offer at an affordable price, so that the brand identity creation is available to all organizations, even modest. This does not diminish the effectiveness of our solutions and results that you can get, given that we spend so much time on average on your record that would pass an agency or freelance. In this post you could see that prices vary greatly depending on suppliers and according to the offers and options selected.


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