Over the last decade or so, sugar has been demonised across the UK and beyond. While weve always been told that sugar in excess is bad for us, it seems that recently it’s become the real enemy in terms of our health. From Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity, to cavities and tooth loss – sugar is definitely something you should be avoiding in your diet! 

Why You Should Avoid Sugar For Your Oral Health

How exactly is Sugar bad for your Oral Health?

With too much sugar comes cavities. Tooth decay can be a direct result of too much sugar. Your mouth has natural bacteria which likes to feed on sugar. This then turns the sugar into acids that can really damage the tooth enamel. The outer part of the tooth is generally safe as acids can be washed away when drinking water or brushing your teeth.

The amount of sugar eaten isn’t necessarily the issue, rather the amount of time left for the sugar to be in contact with the plaque, where the bacteria are.

Should I avoid all Sugary Foods?

Sugar is  in many types of food that we consume every day – and not only in super sweet things! Hidden sugar gives food more taste and can even make a lot of us addicted to it.

With this said, there is also sugar that is naturally contained in foods like fruit – which you shouldn’t avoid for obvious reasons. Where you should be careful is foods that are typically known as bad for you. Things like cake, fizzy drinks, sweets, etc.

Although sugar can be the cause of tooth decay, without the presence of the bacteria in your mouth there will be no acids attacking susceptible parts of the tooth. The faster a food is cleared away, the less chance it will have to feed bacteria and cause tooth decay.

Sugar is not the only bad thing for your teeth so it is really important to take everything in moderation. The solution to avoid this is by brushing regularly and flossing. By making sure you have good dental habits and frequently visit your private dentist and dental hygienist regularly!

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