Samsung smartphone range is becoming nightmare for the other manufactures of smartphone. Its very recent innovation in the smartphone market is Galaxy Note Edge. This new phone is powered with the world’s first uniquely curved display.

First of all, we note that in the main parameters (except for bending and resolution on the short side) screen of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge does not differ from the screen Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The screen has a high maximum brightness and has good anti-glare properties, so the device is likely all, without any problems, you can use outdoors even sunny summer day. In complete darkness, the brightness can be reduced to a comfortable value. Permissible to use mode with automatic adjustment of brightness, works well enough.

The advantages of the screen should be taken very good oleophobic coating as well as the color gamut of sRGB and close to the standard color balance (when appropriate profiles). At the same time remind about the overall merits of OLED-Display: true black color (if the screen does not affect anything), excellent uniformity of the white box, significantly less than the LCD, drop the brightness when viewed at an angle. The disadvantages are the modulation of the brightness of the screen. Users who are especially sensitive to flicker, because of this can occur fatigue. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the screen is very high.

Add a few words about getting part of the picture at the beginning of the bend, resulting in darkening of the image becomes curved on a plane. In terms of practical use is, of course, a minus. However, the illusion that the picture “goes beyond the horizon,” enhances “wow effect”, that is, we admire it and feel more unusual screen than if such a feature was not available.

Operating System and Software

The smartphone Galaxy Note Edge runs on Android 4.4 KitKat, which established a proprietary shell of Samsung. At the time of launch of Galaxy Note Edge was not yet available Android 5, although it would be very interesting to see how it will look and function on this unit.

Majority of the software settings of Galaxy Note Edge is identical Galaxy Note 4. But, of course, except for one detail – that is at, which is responsible for displaying images on a curved area.

So first of all it is worth noting that from the point of view of the software component of the curved area – is a separate element. In fact, the operating system recognizes it as a separate screen with a resolution of 160 × 2560. Therefore, pointing screen resolution Galaxy Note Edge as 2560 × 1600, it is necessary to explain that it really is 1440 × 2560 plus 160 × 2560. Consequently, the maximum resolution of the image, fully displayed on the screen will still be 1440 × 2560. Print the image on an arbitrary curved zone, we can’t, but can be flexibly customize what is displayed on it.

Content that appears on the curved area, Samsung calls “panels.” There are several options such content.

Yes the display and working with Galaxy Note Edge is unique. On other hand there are rumors about the launch of Galaxy S7 in 2015 which another innovative display from Samsung.