There are various gadgets in use in USA, some are highly sophisticated close to relieving humans off some of their daily worries, some keep them busy while in the house and others act as life savers for them. I present to you some of the top gadgets used in USA.

The Dropcam

This device will help you to be virtually everywhere closely monitoring every move around you.-With only $199 you can get your Dropcam Pro, a HD video camera that you install in your home.

-Connected to your Wi-Fi then connected with an application on your mobile device or personal computer you view live videos, communicate to people and get email alerts.

-This is the perfect device for you to check on your kids to make sure they are home safe studying and not playing video games after school.

-You do not have to worry when it is dark, the gadget has infra-red for night vision, motion detection technology and cloud recording which can store up to a month’s collection of clips to watch later.

Leap Monitor Controller

The small-sized USB device compatible with Windows based computers and Macs is a true definition of the close relationship between man and their machines.

-It is easy to use, just plug it onto your computer and place it on a sleek surface and use it for tasks like reading stories from the New York Times and playing games.

-It can tell the angle of a palm and the number of fingers being stuck out just by waving a hand.

Top Gadgets Used In USA

Apple’s iPad Air

Powerful as it is, the iPad Air is just 0.29 inches and a pound in weight.

-The sleek iPad delivers a mixed blend of class and style for its users giving them a feel of class that comes with Apple products-Armed with a 9.7 display, the iPad Air is a refined gadget with a ten-hour battery life to help you enjoy the over 450000 iPad-optimized applications from the App Store.

The Nest Protect

-This word-class gadget from Silicon Valley helps detect smoke and carbon monoxide even with the least of concentrations on the air.

-This gadget has a unique feature in that it does not emit the normal ear drum shuttering noise like other devices but rather informs you of hazards with the soft voice of a lady making helpful statements like “traces of carbon monoxide detected”.

-Here is the catch, you need not worry about force fire alerts when you are cooking, by just waving your arm you enlighten it.

Microsoft X-Box One

This is surely a game console with aspirations that are far beyond just play.

-The Xbox One has inbuilt video calls via Skype, ability to be integrated with satellite and cable television boxes and has an interface replicated from Windows 8.

-It is made to include new Kinect sensor which understands verbal commands, can measure the heart rate and can even recognize faces.

There are a dozen amazing gadgets in use in USA not in this list, apply for your ESTA USA visa today and travel there to have a first-hand experience with this and many more.