The Learning Management System is designed keeping in mind various needs and requirements of an organization and one among them is to get all the employees sharpen their skills from time and again. Gone are the days when trainings were arranged with the employees requiring to mark their presence along with the organization hiring a trainer to impart the training. Technology has become a part and parcel of our lives so why not these training sessions be made more intriguing with an online training program?

There are times when you burn the midnight oil yet end up with results that are not so fascinating. To avoid this I have coined all the ‘Should’ and ‘Should Not’ of creating a great online training program that is sure not to lose out on its fizz once it is opened.

The Should’s of an attractive online training program:

  • The user’s point of view:

The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered is to think from the user’s point of view and not from your point of view. You will always find a difference in what you think and what the user feel about the course. Make a thorough research on what your audiences are interested in before stepping in to create your programs.

  • Let the navigations be easy:

It is always good to keep the instructions crisp and easy to understand. Going from one page to another, one function to another function and many such activities should be very well attributed by easy to understand navigations. This would contribute in giving a great user experience.

  • The social connection:

A world that loves to remain connected online would cherish the fact that their thoughts, views and opinions and sometimes even performance could be shared online. Make way for online discussions and sharing of one’s views. This would elicit an employee’s interest in adopting the online training program with great vigor and valor.

  • Let it be challenging:

Monotonous and a predictable life is seldom liked by people. Challenges often manage to pump up the adrenaline rush in our bodies and hence make extensive use of challenging tasks and games that bring out the best in them. Moreover, the would love to take these online programs that have a flair for challenging them.

The Should Not’s of an attractive online training program:

  • Avoid cramming:

When you are designing a course see to it that you have cleverly divided the entire training program into different sessions instead of one big session. This might not work in favor of the employees as they would not be able to hold the attention for so long. Small sessions will ensure that their attentions are equally divided, making it enjoyable for the employees.

  • Avoid neglecting the design aspect:

There are times when you neglect the designing aspect and focus entirely on the content. We all have heard the saying – ‘ The first impression is the last impression’, haven’t we? Yes, this puts an influence on the appearance of a website and how well it performs. The designing aspect of the program should be equally considered as the content and the functioning aspects.

  • Avoid too much of technology:

One of the main aims of online training programs is to induce technology and training that walk hand in hand to make certain things easy and sufficient in nature. A very thoughtful concept that needs to be strained out quite well for effective results. Too much of simulation development tools, authoring tools, interactive tools and many such technical tools may hamper your’s employee’s enthusiasm in the online training program.

  • Avoid chaos:

Creating a course should not be the ultimatum, steps should be taken to look after its maintenance and how smoothly can it handle multiple tasks. Update, managing courses and many such activities should be clear and smooth enough to work with the training program.

Final Note:

These were some of the points lucrative points that are sure to ace up the popularity of the online training program that is soon to be an integral part of the Learning Management System. Pull up your socks and make the entire program a great success among your employees. Make sure that you go through the online training programs through a fine comb to locate errors and antipathy that might disrupt the interest of your employees.

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