The journey of a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly is quite time-consuming but the end result is worth cherishing. It begins its journey from being a caterpillar that goes into a cocoon from which emerges a beautiful butterfly. When we talk about an expert web developer the journey is no less than that of a butterfly. It has to remain in the cocoon waiting for the beautiful wings that gives it its freedom to fly and achieve great success. During the cocoon stage, a developer prepares himself to face the ever updating technical world by honing his skills over a definite period of time.

A web developer is a person who creates a beautiful picture of an idea that needs good governance. When a company wants a web developer who is specialized in angularJS framework then he would proceed to hire AngularJS developer. Let us generalize the topic to web developers and glance through the attributes that enhances the value of a developer.

The following attributes help in making a web developer a pro in his field.

1. Knowledge:

There is a very good saying which goes as ‘knowledge is wealth’. Having knowledge about the latest software, technologies and the advancements that the technical sector is making, are some of the wealth that makes an amateur developer a pro in his field. A developer should have a basic knowledge about each and every technical aspect and have a strong hold on his domain subject.

2. Inquisitive Nature:

A curious person learns a lot of things as he is always into finding answers to questions that are worth answering. When it comes to being aware about the technical aspects, a curious person learns a lot of things. An inquisitive nature is a sign of a person who loves to know about new things and get themselves upgraded with the latest information doing round in the market.

3. Adaptability:

Nothing remains constant in this world, everything changes and changes for the good. A person who can very well adapt to these changes learns to survive and move ahead in life. A developer who is adaptable to the constant changes in the technical world goes a long way in becoming one of the most acclaimed and sought after technical assistance.

4. Passionate:

Passion is the engine that pulls all the compartments to its destination on time, without the engine there will be no movement in the train. A passionate person has the capacity to do all things that is more than expected. Passion is what drives a web developer to becoming one of the experts in his field.

5. Search Engine Optimization:

A web developer who not only develops a website but also contributes in driving the traffic to the concerned website is like killing two birds with a single stone. This quality would attract the company to hire such a web expert who is good at both the jobs.

6. The Capability to Communicate:

Communicationis the bridge that helps in transmitting thoughts and ideas successfully and getting things done. It is believed that by honing your communication skills one gets to become recognized in his field.

All these are some of the basic qualities that needs to be nurtured during the hibernation period that eventually gives a beautiful body to the butterflies. When a company looks forward to hire AngularJS developer these are the attributes that would be taken into consideration to some extent.

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