Android came into existence in the year 2007 with the release of the android alpha. Android devices commemorates the green colored human faced robot. This green colored robot has laid down the road to numerous developers and IT professionals to walk down the aisle so that they can accomplish projects and solutions powered by the android software. Android app development helps in the creation of some of the greatest apps that are quite eloquent in nature.

Android can be compared to that friendly bacteria that has managed to enter each and every homo sapiens present on the planet earth. With the number of android users swelling up the world, we can justify the fact that it is one of the most sought after mobile application development means. The android application development guide helps the novice who are trying their hands on the android platform. What is it that attracts people towards the cute human faced green robot ?

Let us look at the list of features that expands the fan following of the android powered devices.

1. As it is an open source mobile operating system it proves to be less troublesome in nature when it comes to updating, enhancing or modifying the functioning and working of the website. It is like a stretchable material that can be folded, modified and bent with great ease and tranquility that does not require any permission as it is quite transparent in nature and this to a large extent helps in the coding and development process. The source codes are easily available and the developers find it easy to modify without having to start from the beginning all over.

2. Its simplicity has attracted a lot of users that has expanded the number of people using the android powered devices at large. The ability to capture a huge set of the audience has made it the most used mobile operating system. The android app development guide would be more than enough to help the developers in figuring out as to what step needs to be taken and how things need to be done.

3. It is economically feasible in nature and this to a large extent fits in the pockets of every other person who wants to make extensive use of this mobile operating system. There are frequent updates that constantly adds a hint of vibrancy to the different applications and functioning of the android powered phones.

4. Google gives chance to all those applications that are quite easy to use and is of great importance to the users. This has made way to a large number of applications in the app store.

5. As it is one of the most sought after mobile operating systems, we can find the majority of the population using the platform to develop and create some of the most eccentric apps and solutions. Easy to use and the ease of availability has accelerated the number of users using android powered devices as well as a platform to create apps. 

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