Any household should have some junk lying around. Many boxes often clutter the attic and storage shed. Some of them are no longer appropriate for decoration purposes. We often buy new decoration items and other products, making many older items obsolete, although they may still function properly. In this case, we should try to get the junk converted into real cash and they don’t have to end up in trash can. We should be aware about the old saying that our junk could be others’ treasure. There are many things that we want to throw away and we may think that they have little values. In this case, we may end up regretting our decision to throw them away. Many of the junks are usually valuable for collectors.

The best way to find out whether our items have any value is by visiting online action websites, such as eBay. We should input an item into their search feature. If similar or identical items come up with active bids; then it means that our junks actually worth something. Items on auctions can be placed for minimum acceptable prices, so we could encourage others to bid away on it. Some old, ugly toy may no longer look pretty in our house, but it could be highly collectible for some people. EBay and similar companies should allow us to sell our items for a small fee if we manage to sell them. We could also try to sell these items in garage sale or local auctions. If we these items are finally sold, we can remove the entry in eBay or other similar sites. We can’t rely on one method when trying to sell old, collectible items.

When organizing our junks, we shouldn’t make mistake by mixing up expensive items with ordinary ones. If we have a lot of items in the storage shed and they may have very large value; we could hire an appraiser. They could charge $200 per hour for their service, which is acceptable if this allows us to put higher price tags on our many collectible items. However, we should try to find independent, trustworthy appraiser who doesn’t have any interest in buying the items. In this case, they may try to lowball the true value of our items and try to purchase them.

There are forums that allow us to get free estimations of value and we could do this by uploading images of the item. Even if we are not too willing to make extra money from old, collectible items; there are other positive things that we can do. We could load these items in our car and bring them to the local charitable organizations. Goodwill and other organizations should allow us to distribute these items to people who need them. If we itemize our tax return, our donation should receive tax deductions. This is certainly a better thing to do than throwing away old items into the bin,

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