Among parents and business owners mobile phone monitoring has become very popular as they provide a great way in supervising their children and company’s employees. The mobile tracking app helps the users to be informed about the various activities performed on the target phone. Whatsapp is a very famous application for sharing messages (text and media) with each other without any charge. There are many risks involved with this application so it is important to track the messages sent through Whatsapp. In order to overcome the risks there are many Whatsapp spy app available that provides the spy solutions. There are various threats that are related to Whatsapp messenger such as online predators, sexual solicitation and friends with the strangers.

Before selecting a Whatsapp messenger spy application for mobile phone the person must know exactly the target behind spy app use as to what actually he is looking in a spy app. The person can easily track the Whatsapp activities with the help of popular Whatsapp spy apps. The person should ensure that the spy app must fulfill the needs and accordingly the app should be purchased.

Due attention should be paid as to all the media files can be easily viewed while accessing the spy app. The text messages, phone’s contact list and the photos can be easily seen on the target mobile phone with the help of spy app. There is some spy app that can even restrict or block some programs. The parent’s can even uninstall the Whatsapp app from their children mobile phones if they feel suitable in order to keep a check on their activities.

There are various popular Whatsapp spy app that are mentioned as below:

  • M spy- It supports ios, MacOS, windows and android. It is now available in the market and is outstanding mobile phone software of spyware applications. Can easily track call logs, incoming calls restrictions, monitoring messages, GPS location tracker, key logger, email, app blocking, lists of contacts, remote control and is compatible.
  • Mobile spy- It supports blackberry and android phone. It is less comprehensive as compared to other spy app available in the market. It helps in tracking SMS recording, call logging, media coverage, GPS tracking, and email applications.
  • Spy bubble- It supports android, symbian, ios, windows and blackberry phone. It helps in supporting all Internet enabled mobile phones. Even it can support the iPad. It also supports the new generation phone as well as the old mobile phone. It gives updates continuously and it is very easy to install this spy app. But it has a limited set of features and there is no sufficient evidence to claim.

It is very easy to install the Whatsapp spy app on the target phone so that it can collect the details of Whatsapp messages, photos, call logs, and videos. You have to create online account so that all the tracked information can be uploaded to the control panel and proper monitoring can be done for the messages sent and received. There are many apps used to hack other phone and track their activities.


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