Perhaps the last thing users want to see is partition damage caused by virus and the data in it gets lost. But unfortunately, they often meet such case. Then, the issue users care most is how to recover data if data is corrupted by virus. This is because most users are not professional in computer, and they don’t know what they should do to achieve lost data restoration from damaged partition.

Data loss brings users not only much trouble in recovering lost data, but also huge economic loss sometimes. Generally speaking, except for virus attack, users’ improper operation and flawed software installation also can cause partition damage. Therefore, in daily use, users should operate computer in the correct way and take some actions to prevent virus from invading the hard disk.

Well, the urgent affair after data loss is to retrieve data from damaged partition. At the moment, users need a data recovery tool to help them. However, it is not easy to pick out a superior one from masses of recovery programs on the market. Thus, a piece of nice data recovery software should be recommended to users. It’s Power Data Recovery. A tutorial of how to recover data if data is corrupted by virus will be offered in the following sections.

Note: This data recovery tool support Windows OS only, if you want to work on MAC OS, please select, MiniTool mac data recovery software.

Open Power Data Recovery and choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” module to initiate the recovery.

How To Recover Data If Data Is Corrupted By Virus

Next, select a partition (which is damaged by virus attack) and click “Full Scan” to scan it.

How To Recover Data If Data Is Corrupted By Virus

Then, tick the needing files from the listed partitions and click “Save” to set another partition to save them.

After completing these steps, the data recovery work has been finished. Users can close Power Data Recovery and go to check the recovered data in the specified partition.

Users must have mastered how to recover data from damaged partition when reading here. So, if the partition is damaged unluckily, they can choose Power Data Recovery to find the lost data back.