Even for wealthy couples, money is often considered as one of the most difficult subjects. Money is a very common cause of discord among married couples. Each person has different view about money and this may cause emotional damage, conflicts and stress. Fortunately, money doesn’t have to be the cause of disagreements in our home. In fact, money matters should be considered as a factor that strengthens the marital bond. In this case, we should consider the way we think about money and how we should discuss it with our spouse. Money should be the source of peace, instead of troubles in a marriage. Couples should make practical steps to make money discussions a constructive activity, instead of something destructive. Disagreements about money could be caused by fear and trust, instead of bad debts and others. Wives may complain that their husbands spend too much, while husbands are concerned about their wives’ ability to manage finance.

How Families Could Adjust Their Finances

Couples should learn to talk calmly when they are discussing about money. It is a bad idea to wait until money problems arise before we discuss money with our spouses. At such times, emotions often run high. This will make a fruitful and calm discussion nearly impossible. We should allocate specific time, so we could talk about various financial issues. We should be able to lessen the degree of conflicts, caused by misunderstanding and heated emotions. We should know about things that we should discuss. It is also important to have confidence in our spouse. This could depend on our background and personality. Couples should agree on how income should be viewed. For people who earn a wage in a family, they should still be able to reduce tension and show honor to their spouses. Things can be somewhat complicated if both spouses are earning money. If they strongly try to assert their interest, it could be difficult to promote peace inside the house.

Couples should disclose their major expenditures and income to each other. Hiding sizable portion of income or expenses may damage relationship and undermine trust. Although it doesn’t mean that we should consult our partner before buying a bottle of soda, it is still important to reveal significant financial details. By disclosing larger income or expenses, we prove our honesty and openness. Couples should also try budgeting and it is important to financially plan and visualize for the future. By creating family budget, we won’t waste our hard-earned money needlessly. Budget could also erase suspicions and couples are able to predict far ahead. In general, it would be nearly impossible to argue with figures and facts. A family budget should be clear and simple. It doesn’t have to be as elaborate or complicated as national budget. Good budget should have enough and proper itemizations. It should help us to make decisions on how to save money, compared to when we don’t have budgets. If necessary, budget could help us to adjust our lifestyle.

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