Every day when you open your closet, you see hordes of outfits you collected while buying clothes online or during the sale season. Yet, you keep repeating those same five dresses every week and never pay any heed to the ones thrown at the back of your wardrobe.

And why does this happen?

Either because they aren’t suitable for the work or occasion at hand or you bought them without thinking and don’t like them now or they are no more the trend.Whatever might be the reason, your clothes are now getting wasted and you should’ve rather donated them to someone needy. But it’s ok now. You can still correct it now by following these simple hacks:

1. Keep it simple

When you go for shopping next time, keep in mind that you only have to buy clothes you can wear at work. What we women end up doingalways is deviating from our objective; we buy anything that our eyes like, without considering its usefulness. Your party clothes and your work clothes should be in 3:7 ratios. The work clothes should be simple shirts, slacks, jeans, etc. and should be in the maximum. Other than that, keep only one or two dresses or outfits for each occasion.

2. Be unique: decide your signature wear

Create your own style and follow it. Some of us follow the latest fashion trends so ardently, that we forget that we, as a person, are also something and our attire should reflect that.Once the dress goes out of fashion, we hate wearing it again and go back inside our wardrobe dungeon again. Don’t do that!If you follow your own signature style; you will end up buying only relevant clothes; thus saving lot of bucks from blind fashion following.

3. Comfort is paramount

Sometimes we avoid certain dresses because they are too uncomfortable to wear. You bought it because it looked so gorgeous but now it feels too tight. Hence, again it has to resume its position at the back.So, on your next shopping spree, make sure you buy clothes you actually fit in and are comfortable in.

4. What’s in the name? Go for quality

Women tend to go for big brand names whether they provide good quality or not. And the same cycle of “liking-not liking-throwing at the back”, continues.

It is not necessary that big brands offer supreme quality only. A Rs. 2,000 pant may look better than a Rs. 1,000 one, but the Rs. 2,000 one is made of some flimsy, prickly material you know you can’t wear. On the other hand, the Rs. 1,000 one, though looks simple from far, is actually super comfortable. Then what are you waiting for?Stop considering the brand name; it is, after all, just a name and a logo and has nothing to do over your comfort and ease level.

5. Organize your stuff

Many a times, we end up buying the same kind of outfit again. You already had a blue frock and now you have brought a gown of the same colour. The solution of this problem could be to keep a list of dresses you have either on your notepad or you can download an app (a wardrobe app) to keep track of the clothes you already own.

Now follow these tips and rediscover your clothes!

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