There are so many ways for a company to speak with its customers, ranging from comments on social media platforms to advertising on television, but surely few are as personal and as adaptable as a direct mail campaign. By utilising the power and impact of communication via the letterboxes of targeted people at their addresses, a firm can truly get the message home.

For as long as commercial business has been in existence, companies have been looking for effective methods of speaking to customers, and many of the methods that have been adopted have failed to bring results. By using direct mail to support their campaigns, however, they can tailor their messages to make them engaging, attractive and persuasive.

Why Direct Mail Campaigns Are Still Highly Effective

In recent years, it’s been hard to avoid stories of struggle and hardship caused by the economic recession. The media have been busy reporting tales of suffering endured by individuals, and sometimes it’s been easy to forget that the business community has been finding difficulties as well. Survival is often a case of knowing what to say and how to say it.

The majority of companies, both independently-owned small and medium enterprises and large multinational corporations, have been cutting back on their promotional and marketing budgets. And while this is perfectly understandable, there is still a need to spend on attempts to recruit and retain customers, and that’s why direct mail can be a vital tool.

One of the finest features of direct mail advertising is the fact that communications can be far more than simple letters. The traditional missive has often looked plain and uninspiring in the past, but these days a selection of innovative designs and stylish colours can engage existing and potential customers in a way that would have been unthinkable in the past.

This fact has not been lost on marketing professionals who know the power of the written word and a selection of carefully chosen images. If a man or woman receives a plain, almost dull, letter in the post, he or she may not even read it, but if it’s bright, attractive and a little different, it is far more likely to be perused, enjoyed and, in many cases, acted upon.

Every commercial enterprise, from the smallest retail outlet in the quietest village, to the largest financial institution with branches all over the world, needs to retain old customers and attract new ones. Without doing so, the resultant lack of throughput will eventually lead to disaster.

While companies are constantly looking for new ways to speak to clients and customers, it’s reassuring to know that the power of a letter remains one of the most impressive assets. Sometimes, nothing quite matches plain speaking in an engaging manner, so if your company needs to speak, do so with confidence via direct mail.

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