For quite a long duration of time, we were sold on the idea that static stretching before exercising was the best way to loosen up the muscles and prime them for activity to prevent injuries. But static stretching has quickly become overrun by a new form of stretching which is known as dynamic stretching. Warming up this way has been proven time and time again to be far more superior in its effectiveness to provide your body with the best possibility to perform to its maximal potential.

Sometimes we forget the fact that the way we warm up has a massive impact on our performance when it comes to exercise. Therefore it is imperative that we do it correctly by finding the best methods of stretching and thus far, the dynamic way is the best way.

So, what is dynamic stretching?

Dynamic stretching is introducing movement whilst stretching at the same time. The whole reason as to why we warm up is in the phrase “warming up”, we are essentially trying to increase the temperature of our bodies because going in to exercise with cold muscles is never a good idea. You’re just more likely to end up with an injury that could have easily been avoided. Because of the fact that dynamic stretching involves moving around as well, it makes it easier for your body temperature to be raised.

Dynamic stretching is a far better option compared to static stretching as that method of warming up has shown to weaken the muscles despite the fact they feel loose. This will have a negative effect on your performance as you will not be able to generate as much power, so for the most part, I would recommend avoiding static stretching before exercising.

You are also given some time to mentally prepare yourself for whatever activity it is that you are about to take part in, this is especially great for those who are involved in sports as there is a huge psychological aspect that comes into play. Not to mention the fact that your muscles’ ability to be flexible is improved and the more you do it, the more flexible you are doing to be which drastically reduces the chances of you suffering from an injury.

When it comes to warming up, definitely choose dynamic stretching over the static method as you are going to be putting yourself in a better position to be able to carry out the activity to the best of your abilities. You want to be taking care of yourself as much as possible, which is why using iHerb coupons is an inexpensive way to start using some health products to benefit you.

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