In day-by-day life in our home, the garbage is generated daily from our living habits and essential life styles. Most of the countries have an improper way of managing the garbage. Even at home sometime we don’t show interest to clean up our surroundings, corners in rooms, liquid waste, etc. our lazy in the garbage management can cause health problems for us. We should clean our homes, rooms and surrounding on a regular basis, otherwise those spaces are occupied by the harm causing germs, bacteria’s which can cause serious trouble for our living and health.

Keeping The Dump/Garbage At Home Can Be Harmful

Bad Smell

Keeping the garbage, food wastage at home for several hours can create a bad smell at home. The mixture of the several chemical inside these waste gives chances to the bacteria’s in the garbage to grow quickly on the waste and release bad gas out. This smell coming out of that waste contains risky bacteria’s and gems. We can’t bear such kind of stinky smells, which can cause vomitings, headache, irritation feeling to us.


It is a know fact for many people that keeping the garbage at home, which is mixed with liquid wastes and harmful materials can become growing space for the insects. When we don’t clean up the space filled with dust, dirt and wastages insects start to grow in that specific area. Within 1 or 2days they can multiply themselves by giving birth to new insects by consuming the waste materials. These insects again fly over into our home to contaminate our waters, foods and mosquitos can bite to spread various kinds of diseases.

Sickness / Allergies

Due to the bacteria’s, germs, health damaging poisonous gas produced from the garbages not disposed from our homes, we may fall sick easily. The wastes can produce bad gases that can trouble us in different ways. For the people who can’t bear the bad odor coming out from the wastage may cause headache, sickness, vomiting symptoms, dizzy feeling, skin and blood infection can be possible because of direct contact with waste, and from tainted injuries.


We throw different kinds of wastages into the dustbin, the mixed garbages can contain the certain chemical which can be dangerous on the reaction with other chemicals of garbage. For example cyanides, mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls are highly poisonous on the exposure it can lead to deaths. These hazardous wastages can cause various internal cancer factors.

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