A sure trademark of American ingenuity, since its debut in 1964, the Ford Mustang now stands in a class of its own. Here is a car, born of machine and muscle, whose design has been ever ready to grip the road beneath its wheels. To keep such an iconic dream car in fine working order will require that attention be given to its driving and maintenance needs. The following are key aspects of this routine that must be attended to for optimal results.

Please Read the Manual

This might be news to some car owners, but there is a reason why car manufacturers provide drivers with an operator’s manual. Inside this manual are recommendations made by the manufacturer as to what works best to maintain peak operation. From optimal tire pressure settings to the correct rated oil to service the car with, practical advice and information can be found within its pages. When dealing with a car designed to perform like a Mustang, it is always a good idea to take some time to read and become familiar with the specs and operation of the particular model you own.

The Normal Maintenance Issues

A Mustang is a car that should not be neglected by its owner. Regularly changing oil, replacing filters and rotating the tires when needed are simply a part of responsible Mustang ownership. Topping off fluids and keeping battery terminals clean—especially in warm environments where there is salt air—should be standard common-sense maintenance procedures to any seasoned driver. Consequently, it is recommended to keep your Mustang on a good maintenance schedule to ensure optimal and reliable performance for years to come.

Shifting Can Be Tricky

Even if a driver is familiar with driving an automatic, getting used to shifting in a Mustang can come with a learning curve. Not only do you have to be cool with the clutch on most newer Mustangs, but you will find that rapidly popping through the gear settings will make the car react unfavorably in most situations. If you slow down a bit and take a breath before each shift, you will find that it takes far less effort to ease in from one gear setting to the next.

Repairs and Modifications

When it comes to driving a Mustang, owners will inevitably have repair issues and may want to modify the car to meet their performance needs. It is important to make sure that the right ford mustang parts are used for the job. Determining the best part to purchase and use to get the car to do what the owner wants may require a little homework, but that is all part of the fun and experience of owning a muscle car.

Most people buy a Mustang to experience the pure thrill of the drive. This means that there is generally going to be a good deal of speed involved to get that rush that so many Mustang owners desire. While it may not be appropriate to punch in that raw engine power on a crowded city street, there is still something to be said for letting a Mustang run free down an open highway in the cool evening air.

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