Drivers who have had vehicle problems in the past should take extra precaution now. The most important step is to visit the mechanic at least once a year. On the days that you don’t visit, here are 5 spare parts to keep handy in your car.

Motor Oil

If you’ve had engine trouble before, consider keeping a container of motor oil for emergencies. This substance is needed to reduce friction between the engine parts, reduce wear and tear and keep the engine clean. It’s a good accessory to have for older vehicles that have broken down in the past.


Keep an empty or half-full gas can in the trunk in case you run out of fuel. This is the old-fashioned option for drivers who don’t have roadside assistance. It’s recommended for those who depend on their smartphones to get them out of emergencies but end up in places with no cell signal.

Spare Tire

A flat tire is difficult and nearly impossible to drive on effectively. But it could happen to any driver who makes one wrong move. You could drive through the forest or through a severe thunderstorm and end up with a flat. There’s a good chance that you’ll have to abandon the car by the road and risk it getting stolen or damaged. Having a spare tire handy ensures that you get to your destination on time.

As a luxury car owner, you cannot choose any generic brand or accessory. Look for Lexus spare parts that include tires, wheels and axles from OEM and aftermarket brands.

Jumper Cables

An automotive battery is needed to supply power to the car and start the engine. Leaving the headlights, air conditioner or engine running for too long could drain the battery. A battery that is exposed to freezing cold temperatures could freeze and die. Using jumper cables is the most basic way to jump start a car. You’ll need another car that has a functional battery.

Windshield Wiper Blades

You’re encouraged to replace your windshield wiper blades annually. Keep these parts around if you live in a place that has constant bouts of inclement weather. Changing them yourself may become necessary in special situations. In addition to a spare set of blades, keep an ice scraper or glass cleaner nearby.

Usually, a mechanic is needed to make replacements in your car. But there are some parts that are replaced so often that you should consider getting spares in the trunk or backseat. There are many options available to anyone who buys spare car parts. You can buy from the original manufacturer or buy used or new aftermarket products. Make sure that you have the right types of spare parts and enough to use as backup.

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