Maintaining your car is a passion project. The question is whether you should use new or used parts. They both have their own pros and cons you should weigh before deciding. To help you make your decision, here are some of the pros and cons for using used spare parts.

Pro: Older Vehicles

For an older vehicle, used parts may be your only option. Many pieces that were used in older vehicles are no longer being made, and finding an unused part still in brand new condition is extremely difficult. If you can find such a piece, it will likely be extremely expensive as well. For a restoration project, used original parts may be preferable to new reproduction parts.

Con: Unknowns Wear

A con to buying used parts is that you might not know how much wear is on them. For non-mechanical parts like body parts, the mileage on the donor vehicle isn’t important. For mechanical parts, new may be the better choice. If you buy a used part with 50,000 miles on it you will likely be replacing it shortly after installing it. A new part will have zero miles on it and will last longer. To avoid buying a used part that is already worn out, ask the seller if they test parts.

Pro: Price

A pro to used parts is savings. Used parts can be as much as 40% cheaper than new parts. This is a huge advantage when you’re buying many parts at once, such as if you’re rebuilding a car. You can find used parts online or in scrap yards. You just have to be willing to spend a little bit of time looking in order to reap the savings.

Con: Warranties

The advantage of cheaper used parts may be offset by the con of a used part not being guaranteed. If a new part is defective or fails prematurely, the warranty on a new part will spare you absorbing the cost of replacing the part a second time. When buying used car parts ask the salvage yard about their return and refund policy.

Pro: Availability

Availability is a definite used parts pro, especially in an emergency. There is no guarantee that an auto parts store will have the component you need in stock. Buying OEM parts requires going through a dealership, meaning the part will almost certainly have to be ordered. You probably can’t tie up your daily driver waiting for a part that is on order. The local salvage yard is likely to have the part you need and if they don’t, you can find Ford Mustang parts and other car parts quickly on the internet.

Pro: Environmental Effect

If you are a green shade tree mechanic, the environmental benefits of buying used parts are a pro. Decreasing the need for the production of new auto parts saves a significant amount of electricity and oil. Each used part purchased makes the environment a little cleaner.

The pros of used auto parts are lower cost and greater availability. Used parts also make it possible to keep older cars and trucks running, and buying used parts helps the environment. The downsides of used parts are no warranty and a shorter life span. When you’re looking for replacement parts for your pet project, consider these pros and cons and your own specific needs carefully to make the best decision for you.

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