Car repairs can be very expensive, especially when replacement parts are needed. You could buy brand new parts, which an auto repair shop will likely order for you with an added fee for handling and shipping costs. However, this can quickly get expensive. Alternately, you can find your own second-hand parts to fix your vehicle much more cheaply and just as effectively. Here are a few places to look for quality used auto parts.

Shop Online

Browse online websites or individual ads for the car parts you need. Some vehicle owners offer used parts if they work on cars for friends or own a car body repair shop. When a car is considered “totaled” by an insurer after an accident, owners will often sell the car parts piecemeal to recover some of the loss if they are unable to sell the wrecked vehicle outright for a fair sum. You might be able to negotiate a lower price or trade car parts if you have extras sitting around. Toyota second-hand parts are widely sold to car owners who want to update older vehicles or repair more recent models.

Buy from a Car Dealership

Used car dealerships sometimes offer discounted auto parts for repairing or rebuilding older models. You may be able to visit the dealership’s website or call to find out if they have the car part you need for the specific year and model.

Browse Junked Cars

Call or visit a local junkyard or auto graveyard to see if your needed part is available in good condition at a fair price. You might have to remove it yourself, so plan ahead to take the necessary tools with you when the lot is open and you have bought the part. Sometimes an employee will remove the part for you for an added fee. It would probably still be cheaper than purchasing a new part.

Buy a Used Vehicle for Parts

If your car needs several replacement parts, you may want to shop for a used vehicle with the parts still in good condition. You can then store the older model for possible future replacement parts or sell it for scrap to recoup some of the cost you paid for the parts you needed.

If you know what you’re doing, fixing your vehicle at home will usually be cheaper than taking it to a shop for repair. But you also have to factor in the time and convenience factors. Weigh all options to make the best choice for your needed car parts.

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