When you play a lot of online games, you’ll know that some require more of your concentration than others. All well and good when you sit down to play feeling refreshed and on form, but what about those times when you just want a bit of fun and entertainment through the games without having to do too much of a mental workout?

Fortunately, there are certain categories of games that don’t require too much, and on some of them you can still stand to win vast amounts of money if you happen to hit the jackpot.

online gamesTop of the tree must be the online bingo games that you’ll find on almost every casino site and on pure bingo sites too. These games aren’t subject to any influence by the players, and with the auto-daub technology marking the numbers off for you, you don’t even need to concentrate as the numbers are called out. There’s no need to scan your cards hurriedly, looking for legs eleven (11), two little ducks (22) or anywayup (69), as the software does that for you. This leaves you able to relax and watch the game or get involved in a chat in the bingo chat room, where you can meet other players who have come to do the same thing as you.

The fact that you don’t have to do anything to win the game apart from buy a card means that you’ll have plenty of time to get to grips with the chat room lingo – most of which is a series of different abbreviations. All this may sound a little daunting until you get into a chat room for the first time and you can watch some conversations going on before you join in. Often used lingo includes WTG (way to go), TMI (too much information), ?4U (question for you), and GLEV1 (Good luck everyone!). There are also plenty of chat games to join in, most of which are really quick and easy to play – but they can all win you small cash prizes or entries to other bingo games.

Slots are another category of games that you can play all day without getting your brain into gear. All you need to do is to decide how many pay lines you want to play per spin – if you’re on a multiline slot – and what value coins you want to bet on each spin. Many of the slots games have auto-spin facilities which means you can play without even reloading your bets. You simply decide how many consecutive spins you want to play through and press go. This is great if you have to step away from the screen for a few minutes but want to keep your bets in play.

Most of the time, though, you’ll want to play and watch what’s going on with the slots as the games are so exciting and you wouldn’t want the possibility of missing out on the moment when you land a massive jackpot, now would you?

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