The iron deficiency is considered as the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. The main purpose of iron in the body is for the production of haemoglobin. The haemoglobin is a protein that helps the red blood cells to deliver oxygen all over the body. So if there is a deficiency of haemoglobin in the body due to the low iron levels, it can lead to a serious health condition and most commonly- anaemia.

Top 10 Health Conditions That Can Lead You To Iron Deficiency!

As a result, you need to maintain the iron in your body in order to avoid any serious health condition. But how to know if you are suffering from the iron deficiency? There are some of the symptoms or rather to say health conditions that can make you aware about the iron deficiency in your body. Let us have a look at those health conditions.

  1. Feeling exhausted: This is the most common symptom of suffering from iron deficiency and probably the most difficult symptom to detect. Due to the iron deficiency, less oxygen is reached to the body tissues which ultimately supplies the less energy as compared to its actual necessity. Besides that, the iron deficiency leads you towards weakness, feeling irritable, unable to focus on particular task along with other problems. These things collectively that lead to the iron deficiency is responsible for anaemia.

  1. You look pale: The haemoglobin gives the blood red colour and that ultimately gives your skin a rosy hue. The low levels of protein suck the colour from your skin. Having a light complexion is quite easy to spot, but other than that, by observing inside the lips, gums as well as the bottom eyelids one can determine if there is a low level of iron in the body.

  1. You go through heavy periods: The prime cause of iron deficiency in women is going through heavy periods. Women lose too much blood at regular intervals that it sometimes lead to iron deficiency. Normally, during periods, women should lose only two to three tablespoons each month, but if there is excessive flow, then it is advised to talk to the gynaecologist.

  1. You go through restless leg syndrome: According to a research, around 15% of the people with restless leg syndrome suffer from iron deficiency. It is usually said that the lower the iron levels, the worse the symptoms are.

  1. Suffer from short of breath easily: Regardless of how deep you breathe, if the oxygen levels are low you may feel out of the air. If you are getting out of breathing while climbing the stairs or while carrying the usual workout, the iron deficiency may be blamed.

  1. Feeling anxious for no reason: The iron deficiency can result in feeling you more anxious as the shortage of oxygen revs up according to the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This could end up in heart racing even if you have reasons to feel relaxed.

  1. Your head hurts: Due to the iron deficiency, the body will first prioritize to get the oxygen to your brain before other tissues are provided with the haemoglobin. This, in response, could result in swelling of brain’s arteries resulting into heavy headaches.

  1. Heart pounds fast: If your schedule is quite busy, your heart may end up suffering from the irregular heartbeats, heart enlargement, heart murmurs or even the heart failure. For this condition also, the iron deficiency or anaemia may be responsible. As a result, if you are having any kind of heart problems, you can get your iron levels checked at regular intervals as its deficiency can worsen the existing heart problems.

  1. Loss of hair: The iron deficiency can lead into excessive hair-loss when it comes to serious anaemic condition. It generally sends the body to the survival mode in order to channelize your body with the good levels of oxygen while supporting the vital functions of the body.

  1. Having under-active thyroid: The iron deficiency usually slows down the thyroid function of the body while blocking its metabolism-boosting effects.

As a result, one should take care of their health and try to avoid iron deficiency in their body in order to avoid suffering from above-listed health conditions.

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