Over the years, Guinness World Records have confirmed and verified thousands of achievements from every corner of the globe. From the tallest man right through to the record number of body piercings, this fabulous annual collection of feats never fails to spark huge interest. What’s more, these records are no longer exclusive to reality, as achievements are now being recognised in the virtual world as well.

With the online gaming world booming across multiple different platforms, it made sense for the people at Guinness World Records to want to get involved. Never ones to fall behind modern times, the record-setters did not disappoint. A great example of this came in April 2011, when Xbox LIVE and Kinect Sports celebrated sealing a Guinness World Record for the largest amount of 100 metre sprinters. The sprint involved 10,539 people around the world who didn’t leave their houses. Yes that’s right – they did it all – virtually!

Most Digital Runners Online!

The Future – Running Without Actually Travelling

This crazy but fun record was set by users of Xbox LIVE and took place on the Free LIVE weekend in April last year. The geniuses at Xbox sent an invite to all of their LIVE members asking them to ‘Play for their Nation’ and create record history with Kinect Sports. For those of you not familiar with the basics of Kinect, a motion sensor camera is adopted with the Xbox so the player literally becomes the controller. Any movements made by the player will be replicated by the character/object on screen.

So to participate in a Kinect Sports (title of an Xbox game) race, you literally run on the spot as fast as you can. Considering the fact that Xbox managed to recruit over ten thousand willing sprinters makes you realise how huge this achievement is. Ten thousand wannabe Usain Bolts sprinting furiously on the spot in their bedrooms – it’s just a shame were unable to see everyone in the act!

Guinness World Records Pushing Boundaries Online

Guinness World Records have always celebrated diversity and have been at the forefront of anything cutting edge and revolutionary for years. Now that they are challenging the online community, there is no limit to the sort of boundaries the organisation can push.

Having the ability to reach people and set records online means that mass audiences from around the world can participate easily and much more efficiently. Who knows what we might see next, perhaps the next one might involve thousands of swimmers or the next largest online poker tournament? The possibilities are endless when you are able to connect with millions of people online.

Nations Unite in One Online Community

Achievements such as this one are a fantastic advertisement for co-operation, togetherness and diversity. With so many people from all over the world uniting in one online community, this record is as much about celebrating humankind as it is about celebrating Xbox’s incredible technology.

Bringing people together like this can help build relationships and create bonds, not just on a personal level, but in the working world too. Group activities like this can enhance employee engagement in UK businesses; it can provide a great feeling of satisfaction and also motivate your fellow team mates to work together.

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