A bland office is an uninspiring office. If you find yourself becoming distracted throughout the work day, take a look around your space and search for areas in which you could improve. Chances are, you spend a great deal of your time in your office, so it’s in your best interest to create a space that helps you be as productive as possible.

Here are a few simple changes you can make to inspire yourself.

A Comfortable Office is Inspiring

If you’re sitting for any amount of time, let alone a full work day, in an uncomfortable chair then it is unlikely that you’re being as productive and creative as you can. Creativity starts with comfort, and this is no place to skimp. An ergonomic office chair can be just what you need to kick your creativity into high gear.


After you’ve settled in to your comfortable chair, clear all of the clutter from your work space. You’re not going to be very productive or creative if you’re constantly being distracted by everything around you. This goes further than just clearing the gum wrappers and old sticky notes from your desk, also turn your phone face down to avoid being distracted when someone favorites your tweet or likes a meaningless Facebook post. Clear the junk from your computer desktop and close all of your browser tabs that don’t serve an immediate purpose towards your current task.

Office Tips To Inspire Creativity


Next, if your walls aren’t stimulating you will want to consider adding a little more color to liven up your work space. Familiarize yourself with general color theory and learn how different color can affect your mood. For example, consider a blue or red accent wall. Blue is probably best in most office scenarios as it is known to stimulate the mind.

Perhaps more important than color is the brightness of the paint. A blue paint with low saturation may look beautiful, but may not stimulate the mind the way a brighter blue would.


What good is a stimulating wall color if you’re not taking advantage of it with proper lighting? Be sure to allow plenty of natural light to reach your workspace. In addition to various health benefits of sunlight, it is also known to boost productivity and foster creativity. Additionally, colorful indoor lighting can also help with creativity in the same way that a colorful accent wall does. Consider placing a colorful tiffany lamp somewhere within your peripheral vision.

Be Active

Get your blood moving. If you’re sitting in a chair for most of your day, you’re not only putting your health at risk, but you’re also not allowing yourself to be as creative as you can be. An obvious solution is to invest in a standing desk, and that certainly is a great option. However, there are many ways you can encourage yourself to stand more throughout the day.

Keep supplies that you will need throughout the day away from your desk or somewhere that you will need to walk to. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day, this will ensure that you take frequent restroom breaks. Another way to encourage yourself to walk more is by adding a couple games to your break room that encourage activity.

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