Soon after A&E’s TV series “Storage Wars” aired, there was an increased interest in storage units. What was once a boring and a somewhat null topic had now become interesting and potentially valuable. Viewers across the nation started asking questions: “I wonder what’s in that old abandoned storage unit…do people really store and forget about high price items…what is the resale value of that item.” As the attention to storage units became more popular, so did the idea that storage units could hide prized possessions. Even more exhilarating was the idea that any individual, anywhere, could have the chance to bid on an old abandoned storage unit and possibly find a treasure chest of their own. It appeared that “Storage Wars” was in some ways, a modern day version of a Pirates Treasure Hunt.

The show also begged the question: “do people really store items like you see on ‘Storage Wars’… do people store their valuable and expensive items in a 8×10 metal unit. Can you really find valuable items cluttered amongst clothes, furniture, and suitcases?

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You can… but the odds are slim. More likely you will find valuable and high price items stored in a much different manner. Here are some ways that people store their valuable and expensive items:

Climate Controlled Units

These units have constant temperature and humidity. Electronic regulators work to keep the environmental conditions in the unit constant. The concrete floor has a sealed water proof coating and the roofs are vented. These units often store paintings, fine wine, imported cigars, important paper documents, or instruments such as classic guitars and baby grand pianos. Many of these items require a completely static environment.

Security Controlled Units

These units have security touch pads, 24 hr/day digital and human surveillance, steel fencing, concrete/brick walls, and have full motion sensitive lighting. These units store high end jewelry, classic and high end automobiles, firearms, high end furniture or expensive clothing such as that nice leather jacket that is not in season.

Safe Inside of a Safe

More and more, individuals are storing their valuables and expensive valuables, such as jewelry inside a safe. The safe is then placed in a storage unit. Not just any safe either. How about a storage unit with a full concrete barrier and a 30 digit inserted combination. Safes store guns, fine whisky, money, and jewelry.

Living Will and Insured Units

Individuals storing very valuable and high priced items often have a will that dictates where items should go in the event the owner is deceased. Further, individuals with high price items often lease units that offer insurance or they purchase private insurance to cover the replacement cost of lost, damaged, or stolen items. Any items that have a substantial amount of equity are likely covered by a family will and are insured.

If “Storage Wars” has prompted you to bid on an abandoned storage unit, you may want to consider some of the ways individual store items.This will help you become more educated on where to find biddable units. Finally, if you are going to store your own items, it may be worth reading what not to store in your storage unit as well.

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