Digital marketing is no fad. In fact, digital ad spending will surpass 65 billion dollars this year. With so much online advertising available, you need to ensure you use the right marketing strategies and tools for your campaign. Take a look at the top 9 strategies and tools that can benefit your next marketing campaign.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

As with any other aspect of your business, marketing requires forethought, planning, and strategy. You need to have clear, explicit goals for your marketing—do you want to drive traffic, create visitor engagement, or focus on conversion? Understanding your goals helps determine what your campaign will look like.

Regardless of your goals, there are still strategies that every campaign should include. Take a look at those listed below to perfect your marketing plans.

Create Engaging Content

Gone are the days when any content would drive traffic to your site. A more demanding audience places greater emphasis on the quality of content and forces companies to present well written, interesting, and relevant topics. This gives you the opportunity to create engaging content that truly exemplifies the culture and meaning behind your brand.

You don’t need to worry about selling a product or capturing an email address on every page, instead, focus on creating a narrative to which readers and future customers will connect. In other words, your content should begin a conversation with your audience that will eventually lead them to buying your product without feeling like a sales pitch.

Utilize Visuals

Humanity has long been drawn to image and spectacle. That’s because our brains interpret visual clues faster than we process language. Using images, infographics, video, and other visual aids helps your marketing make more of an impact on your viewer. Make sure all your content uses consistent imagery, colors, and fonts to create a coherent feel.

Make it Mobile Friendly

More people browse the web on their mobile devices than ever before. According to Google, more searches in the US take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers. To reach an audience that only browses on their phones or tablets, your marketing strategy needs to be mobile friendly.

 The Tools of the Trade

Your marketing strategy and the tools you use to implement it go hand in hand. Using Google Adwords to check on click-through rate or Hootsuite to run social media makes launching and testing a campaign manageable. Your marketing strategy will help you determine which tools best suit your needs.

 Social Media

Social media is a great way to spread your marketing in an organic manner. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offer a great location to share engaging, visually driven content. If you’ve created content that is informative and entertaining other users will share it for you.

Likewise, you should have a social media presence across all relevant sites and apps. Don’t limit your marketing to profile based sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Creative marketers are finding success on Snapchat, Instagram, Imgur, Twitter, and more.


This is a highly useful strategy for conversion minded marketing campaigns. If visitors to your site leave without completing a sale, the products or services they viewed on your site will be shown to them in advertisements as they browse different sites. By retargeting and remarketing you keep your brand and your product fresh in the mind of the viewer. It’s a great way to create familiarity and increase conversion.


Search engine optimization is one of the oldest online marketing tools, but that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. Ensuring your site ranks high on search engine queries is still a vital aspect of your marketing campaign. According to Coalition Technologies, a web design and SEO firm, search engine optimization drives higher quality traffic to your site, giving you a better return on investment.

Spread the Word

Ultimately, online marketing strategy is about communicating the meaning and value of your brand. When you create authentic content that takes advantage of the visual language of the web, you’ll connect with your audience in a way that’s more meaningful than basic advertising. Create more than customers, create relationships with online marketing strategies and tools.

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