We all know how Men’s are not serious about their Health, and that’s why every June a Month is celebrated named as Men’s Health Month.  During this month people from different countries celebrate this day to share the ideas and issues on the Men’s Health.

Also, this month is divided into Men’s Health week that is a special week created by the Congress as well. If you are not sure how this month should be celebrated, I will guide you in the best way possible.

With the help of this month, another week is celebrated named as #ShowUsYourBlue campaign on June 16 where men and women wear blue to show the sign of the Health. Many women during this day celebrate the Health of their men and boys to give them courage as well.

Men’s Health Month is celebrated all around the world for the awareness of how Men can take care of their Health and how Women can help them to achieve that.

What is Men’s Health Month?

mens health month

It’s a month that is celebrated all around the world to spread awareness of how Men can take care of their Health. During this day, people wear blue shirts to show the symbol of Health and dignity.

There is a different website also that gives awareness to the people to celebrate this day, and it is getting much better each year. June 23 is the annual day where Men’s Health is celebrated all around the world.

During this month, many seminars are introduced where many people gather around to give knowledge about the Men’s Health Month. People are most likely to get knowledge about how different foods and exercises are essential for their Health.

On these seminars, different examples are also shown with the help of the play where people perform so that they can give awareness to the people.

This month is also the symbol of respect for the Men who work day and night for their families. This month also shows the symbol of love and peace as well.

Wear Blue Day

blue dress

During this month, Wear Blue day is celebrated where women and girls where blue dresses to give respect to their men, boys or sons. This day is also celebrated at the mid of the June to give respect to the Men living in your life.

You can also make different posters to give respect to them and can start the blue day slogan as well. Most of the people celebrate this day by wearing shirts which shows the symbol of Health and peace.

During this way, you can see tweets on Instagram, Facebook, and tweeter as well. This day is also the part of the Men’s Health Month and shows the positive vibes as well.

Not just that some of the communities also named the Men’s Health Weeks as the Wear Blue Day. This day also increases awareness about the Men how they are essential in our life.

It also helps to encourage men to live longer and healthier as well. Even women can also get the opportunity to encourage them and support them by wearing blue all day.

Facts to know on Men’s Health Month

Here are some facts that you should know on Men’s Health Month.

  • One Average Man lives 5 years less than Women.
  • Men have a higher death rate as compared to Women.
  • Most of the men died due to a heart attack.
  • Almost 30,000 men die each year in the U.S from prostate cancer.
  • Cancer can be found in 1 in 2 men.
  • Men are most likely to be uninsured as compared to women.
  • Men don’t visit the doctors, and the percentage is decreasing each day.

All these facts show that men are not careful about their Health as compared to women. From these facts, you can also see that men are dying in large number as compared to women. Furthermore, this percentage is also increasing day by day.

There are also many tweets that you can find on the tweeter regarding the #MensHealthMonth, and this process is increasing day by day.

Things to do on Men’s Health Month

There are lots of things that you can do on Men’s Health Month. The month is celebrated for many weeks and so comes with many benefits as well. This month is celebrated for the Men’s and thus helps the people to be aware of the health issues as well.

Here are a few of the coolest things that you can do for your men at home. Make sure that you should also be aware of this month and should celebrate it in the best way possible.



Diet is essential, so you can tell them about the diet plan and can also guide them on how they should start their day. Most of the Men don’t focus on the food they eat, and it can create lots of problem for them.

So being women, you can guide them about what diet is best for them and also can tell them how to eat properly.

When it comes to food, they love to eat junk food, and that’s why a heart attack is common in them. With the help of your guidance, you can help them to work in a better way.

Make them a diet plan for a month and ask them to follow it. With your help, I am sure they will be used to it and can start a healthy diet.

Plan Activities


Plan activities with them like lunch, dinner and much more. You can also ask them for the exercise after and before lunch. Men’s Health Month is all about how you can train your men in a better way.

Ask them to play games with you or also you can teach them some exercises as well. Go for a hike or ride bikes. There are other options for you as well. Make sure to make them active enough so that they can work in a better way.

With the help of activities, many health conditions can be solved like colon cancer, and many more. Most of the Men spend their day at the office, that’s why it becomes difficult for them to do some physical exercise, but with your help, they can do it in a better way.

Go to the doctor

Most of the men don’t go for a daily checkup, and so it’s becoming a problem day by day. During the Men’s Health Month, you can ask them to go to the doctor. Men need regular checkups like women to prevent health problems.

It’s your duty how you manage them to visit the doctor daily. Men don’t pay attention to doctors because they think it’s a waste of time, but if you can be aware of them, it would be great for their Health.

You can also mark the dates into the calendar to see how many days they are visiting the doctor.

Stop Smoking & avoid unhealthy drinks

smoking and drinking

Most of the Men have the habit of Smoking. On Men’s Health Month, you can guide them to not to smoke and also tell them how Smoking can be dangerous for them.

Smoking is also linked with many health diseases such as heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer and strokes. You should also tell them the side effects in a proper way so that they can try to avoid Smoking.

On the other hand, drinking is also bad for Health because it can lead to high blood pressure and psychological problems. Ask them to avoid Smoking and make them drink coffee, green tea and other healthy drinks.

Help them to manage stress

Many studies show that stress is the main reason that people are having different health issues. Most of the men have the problem of taking stress, and this problem is going so far. With the help of your guidance on Men’s Health Month, you can guide them not to take the stress.

You can guide them to keep a positive attitude and can help them to think in a better way. Sometimes stress can cause anxiety as well and also can create a problem for them. You can also read them inspiring quotes on stress to make them feel better.

Read them Motivational Quotes

You can also read them some motivational quotes on life and Men’s Health Month. Different studies show that most of the men love to read about positive things. The reason is simple because Men think more positive as compared to women.

So make sure they start their day with some positive thoughts so that they can get better knowledge as well. The more they will remain positive, the more they can get the positive vibes. You can also ask them to see some motivational videos as well.

Final Word

Men’s Health Month is celebrated throughout the world, and it’s one of the biggest awareness months. With the help of this month, you can guide all the men in your life in a better way. Comment below how you celebrate Men’s Health Month so we can guide others in a good way possible.

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