ABS, ABS, ABS!!! They are the exciting mantra for you to be noticed and revered. Many of us with the aim of getting perfectly sculpted ABS hit the gym and do all sorts of crunches. Getting 6 packs ABS is a costly affair that requires enormous time, dedication and physical exertion. But there is something that is hindering your progress. Blindly doing the crunches every other time can be a devastatingly surprising to end up with zero ABS.

ABS Your Goal

Are You On Your Path?

So, what is it that is holding you from those most coveted 6 pack ABS. Number one, the fat in the abdomen. Your favourite ice creams and French fries have resulted in heavy fat deposition in the abdominal region. Therefore, even if you developed such strong muscles, the ABS is easily imperceptible behind this mesh of fat. Number two, the crunches you do are not effective in sculpting the 6 pack ABS for you. There has to be some changes made in your training so that you look perfect in just a few days.

If Not Turn Towards The Right Path

So, as soon as you hit the gym, the first aim should be to burn the excess fat. Once you have gotten rid of fatty tissues, you have to concentrate on the hardcore exercise in designing the 6 pack ABS. Here are a few important exercises that will surely help you in the journey of getting that abs. With proper diet, even a 1 or 2 hours of work out should be sufficient to help reach your goal. Be a champ by helping yourself with body building diet and little effort to shape a body of your dreams.


Performing 2 to 3 sets of planks with 30 to 60 seconds hold time will ensure perfect exercise for the entire core. You can raise the level of the workout by widening the feet and reaching there with your hands without tilting the hips.

Side Plank

This exercise will help you to reduce the weakness in general and improve the balance. It is important to maintain the shoulder, hip and ankle in the same line, keeping the chin off the chest. You can make it even more difficult by raising the top leg higher in the plane parallel to the floor.

Bicycle Crunch

Doing 20 to 30 reps of 2 to 3 sets will ensure 190 percent larger activities than the regular crunch. The main motto is to completely extend a leg at a time and bring the shoulder to touch the opposite knee so there is a little contraction.

Reverse Crunch

Doing reverse crunch is by placing the hands below the butts and brining the knees close to the chest with full concentration on the pelvis.

Vertical Chair Knee Raise

This crunch is the ultimate as it is comparable to 200 percent more results to that of normal crunch. Maintaining the shoulders and back in a perfect posture, knees have to be raised till the waistline. You can make it even harder by raising the straight leg at once or alternatively.

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