The sea, sun and freedom make surfing attractive for all extreme lovers. This is a kind of sport for real winners that are not used to bow to the fate. Portugal is a country where you can learn surfing from the cradle.

Center of Water Sports Riactiva

The surf school Riactiva is located 200 meters far from the beach line in the province of Aveiro. You can get surfing skills (35 EUR for 2 hours), wind and kite surfing (120 EUR for 4 days), kayaking (20 EUR per hour) and yachting sport (120 EUR per 2 days).

Center of Water Sports Algarve Watersport

You can learn surfing from Algarve Watersport. This is also your chance to learn windsurfing, kitesurfing, yoga. You can live in the special cottage for surfers that is not far from the center of the city. There is a variant of living in the beach house, close to the ocean. The surfing courses last 1-5 days (50-120 EUR). The prices are different, depending on the season. You can also hire a car in Faro and go to find a villa that is also a good variant to live in. it is equipped a golf field and other attractions.

Surfing School at Chapel Porth

Peste Surf Camp

The surf camp Peste is a place where you can learn surfing and kitesurfing. It is situated in the old family house that is 13 kilometers far from Porto. The owner of this house is in surfing since 1990. There is a big light dining room and living room with the charming fire place and comfortable bar to listen to music and watch films. You may also visit BBQ party that is every Friday. Of course, you are offered to take surfing lessons of different complicated levels.

Foz Camp

The camp is located in the small Portuguese city Foz do Arelho. It teaches surfing not only for adults but kids above 4. So, this is favorable place for the whole family. You are offered to live in a beautiful villa or guest house for democratic price. You may also try kitesurfing by renting all necessary equipment. The beach is long and plain. This is a perfect place for kitesurfers.

Surf Camp Extreme Algarve

You can learn surfing and kitesurfing here. The camp is located in a nice city Lagos, few minutes walking from the sea and city center. The city offers many different attractions in the evening. You should live in a guest house.

Albufeira Camp

Albufeira was an ordinary fishing village many centuries ago. This is a popular touristic place now. People come here to learn surfing or relax in the sun. The seashore is covered with hotels and restaurants. There is a beach line, port and lot of well-equipped beaches. The suburbs of Albufeira are the most picturesque in Algarve. Look around! There are big rocky mountains with aromatic pine trees on the top. There are also admirable bays and quiet beaches.

You cannot find the beauty of Albufeira to the West from the seashore. The climate is not soft there. This place is also popular in winter. The temperature is 20 degrees above. Of course, the water is cold, but waves are perfect for surfing.


The village Sagres is situated in that part of the Pyrenean peninsular that is usually called the end of the Earth. The surfers from all over the world come here to catch the wave. You can also meet fishermen and people who want to relax and take some rest. This is your chance to learn the places of historical importance. Nevertheless, this seashore is mostly attractive for surfers. They come here every season, even in winter.

Ribeira Surf Camp

Meet a small camping with the wooden bungalow. This is the perfect place for young travellers, who like sport and party for all night. There is a bar and pizzeria, where you can try delicious pizza and cocktails.

Surf Academy

This place is worth the big name of academy. There is a special educational program to learn surfing. This program was officially approved by the International Surfing Association. It is called the method of 7. The program consists of seven educational levels, from the newcomer to professional. The diploma of the 1st level is for surfers that are allowed to surf inshore. The diploma of the 7th level is for professional surfers who caught the wave of 3 meters high. There is school for kids.

Camping @ the Delta

Global Surf School

The surf school Global Surf is situated in the picturesque area. The groups are 6-8 people. The suite of services includes rental office, transfer and camp house. There is a zone for BBQ.

Atlantic Riders Surf School

The surf school is situated in the center of the natural park Costa Vincentina. It is surrounded by the cork trees, bamboo trees and eucalypt. The nearest beach is miles away. The bars and restaurants are few minutes walking from the living place. This is a pleasant quiet place for surfing lovers. You can learn surfing even of you know nothing about it.

Extra Extra Surf School

The school is greatly popular for students. There is official three level method of education. It makes you a skilled surfer. This is also a place to have a great party till the morning.

Figueira Surf School

If you want to feel the Portuguese atmosphere – you are welcomed. You can speak English and Portuguese here. This is a crowded place: you meet students, kids, aged people and youth. You may pay for your study individually or in groups. The prices are budget. The beach is two minutes walking – it is very comfortable. You may train in surf anytime. There are many hotels and hostels around.

Surf en Razo 2012

Freeride Surf School

This is your chance to spend weekend, catching wave in the area of Sagres rocks. If you want to spend the whole week in Freeride, you are offered to live in the hotel Memmo Baleeira of 4 stars. This school is for people, who like comfort and admirable views far from the city crowds.

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