If you do not like cake, you probably are an endangered species! From birthday parties to ring ceremonies, cakes are an important component of every occasion. A good cake can lift your low spirits and is an absolute treat to your taste buds. While most people opt for chocolate and vanilla cakes, here are the other flavours you could try.

The Off-beat Cake Flavours You Must Bake Right Away

Carrot Cake – A carrot cake may seem a highly unlikely flavour. But to add to your knowledge, carrots are a key ingredient of sweet cakes in Europe from the Middle Ages. Carrots are a healthy vegetable while cakes are deliciously not that healthy. An amalgamation of the two results in the carrot cake – a great flavoured cake. These are made by unifying grated carrot in the cake batter. Then the cake is baked, the carrot becomes moist and soft, resulting in a subtly beautiful flavour which will win your heart. The consistency of a cake made with carrots is generally thicker than many others. People who bake the carrot cake also use the carrots for the icing decoration. The icing that is largely preferred on a carrot cake is cream cheese. Many bakeries that bake this cake mostly bake it with pecans, walnuts pineapples or raisins for added flavour. Carrot cake is one cake, the bugs bunny would relish.

The Off-beat Cake Flavours You Must Bake Right Away

Banana Cake – Banana is the perfect kind of fruit to make a cake with. With its natural sweetness along with an amazing taste, using banana in cakes provides these cakes a better flavour over other fruit flavoured cakes. The banana fruit has always made an excellent ingredient in many desserts and pies. If you relish a piece of banoffee pie, banana cakes are especially for you. Banana cakes are generally made by mashing the bananas directly into the cake’s batter. Whipped cream goes best with this cake, and so does chocolate or strawberry garnishing. The flavour combinations which can be made with banana cakes are long, and each one will taste better than the other. So make your own banana cake recipe and experiment away.

Lemon Cake – Don’t go by the cake’s name and don’t expect a sour taste in the cake. Lemon cakes actually are more delicious than what you will expect. The tartness of lemon blends with the sweetness of the cake and lends it a really amazing flavour. At first, it may seem like a very unusual ingredient to use in cakes but the end result is really flavoursome and delicious. The people who hate too much sweetness in desserts, lemon cakes are especially a great option for them. Lemon cake is made using grated lemons and lemon zest. The icing is mostly a tangy, white or yellow coloured frosting. In case you don’t like the tartness of the citrus-frosted cake, you can try the sugar dusted cakes that are a bit sweeter. Few people like lemon cakes which are filled with lemon curd, which is another popular wedding cake flavour.

The Off-beat Cake Flavours You Must Bake Right Away

The next time you send a cake to someone, try one of these unusual but tasty flavours.

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