A nice hot bath is often what many people do in order to relax at the end of a long day. However, for many a conventional tub may be more of a problem that an asset. Whether due to injury, age, disability, or illness, a handicap accessible tub can help bring the joy back to bath time.

Designed With Your Safety in Mind

Two-thirds of bathroom related injuries occur near the tub or shower. Statistics also say that of people over 65, one in three will fall. A handicap accessible tub can greatly reduce the risk of these injuries, either to yourself or a loved one. Falls in the bathroom can occur when you lean against a slick wall, slip on a wet floor, or lose balance when stepping over your tub wall. With so much potential safety is definitely a priority.

But there’s good news too. Your bathroom can still be a refuge of peace and relaxation. The designers of balk in tubs have carefully looked at all the potential hazard of the conventional bathtub. With those hazard in mind they designed their handicap accessible bathtub to be a solution. These walk in tubs come with slip resistant surfaces to help reduce falls. They also include low steps, and grab bars so you never have to worry about losing your balance. This means you always have a safe spot to hold onto.

Multiple Features for Your Relaxation Needs

A handicap accessible bathtub can come with a variety of features designed to suit your specific needs. In addition to the safety features, many tubs come complete with features like massage jets, and a heated seat and back rest. For the scent lover there’s even an aromatherapy feature. You can feel like you’ve gone to the spa right in your own home! Some tubs also come with shower fixtures, like a hand held wand, allowing you to keep the convenience of that quick shower that fits perfectly into your daily routine. This ensures that you can enjoy every aspect of the bathing experience in whichever way you feel like at the time.

Easy to Clean and Easy to Use

With easy to reach controls, a door latch that anybody can open, and an easy release drain, the handicap accessible tub is perfect for anybody with a mobility need. The walk in tub is designed to fit into any standard tub space as well meaning you know it will fit in your home. The shower option even includes a hand held shower wand for the bather’s ease of use. These tubs also come with easy to clean, mold-resistant coatings, ensuring that housekeeping can be maintained without too much effort.

No matter what the reason, a handicap accessible bathtub could be just the solution you’re looking for to fit the bathing needs of yourself or a loved one. Created for the user’s safety, a variety of features designed to enhance relaxation, and easy usability for anyone. A handicap accessible bathtub may also allow the owner to maintain their independence, and enjoy their bathing space freely.

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