Security and safety has been the most important topic since decades. Before implementing any projects or tasks, security and safety is considered the most important aspect. Having so many rules and laws in place, people still often face security and safety issues.

As every person has the right to live in this world, so it becomes necessary to provide security and safety to all of them. With this purpose we at Private Investigation Melbourne have the right capacity to provide investigation and surveillance services to all our clients.

Therefore, if you one of them who is in search of the best private investigation solutions, then you can trust us. Our team of detectives are here and are always available to resolve any of your investigation case.

Why you need to choose us?

Many of our clients choose us for the best quality service and on-time delivery of services. Additionally, our clients also get back to us as we are reliable and helpful. Our team of investigators has first class professional behavior towards all they serve to.

The private investigators have access to a large number of records and databases which the common person usually does not have. So, as you provide us the necessary details of the case, our team gets into action as soon as possible.

Moreover, our detectives also use the online system to research for any clues and information. They are specially groomed to fulfill multiple tasks at the same time. Work hard and enjoy the results is our main motto.

For the simplicity and professionalism, we always make a report and follow certain guidelines. Our clients can also get hold of the report for any information or clarification.

Services that are included in our package

To serve our clients in the best way, we have categorized our services. Each service has a different set of rules and regulations. Also, different charges are applied for different services. The services that Private Detective Melbourne has included are as follows:

Corporate Level Services include:

  • Doing background checks of the old as well as new employees.
  • Keeping an eye through surveillance on all the working employees in and around the workplace.
  • Preventing and recovering computer hacking investigations.
  • Comprehensive background checks on clients and other companies.
  • Fraud and employee theft investigations.
  • Debugging of devices within and also around the workplace.
  • Safety and Health incident investigators.
  • Loss of asset investigation.
  • Intellectual Property Protection services and investigation.

Domestic Services include:

  • Partner cheating investigation.
  • Child custody services.
  • Tracking and keeping strict eye on the activities of the children.
  • Debugging of devices.
  • Hire and Sale of surveillance Equipments for house monitoring and safety.
  • Online dating investigation.
  • Investigating neighbor disputes.
  • Having background checks of various persons.
  • Missing person investigations.
  • Family Law investigations.
  • Prevention and detection of frauds and thief.

Therefore, these are some of the major services that we provide to our customers. Apart of these, there are many other services on offer. Now, you can take the first step, by contacting us for private investigation.