Balanced Diet means eating a wide range of foods in the right proportions and consuming the right amount of food and drink to attain and retain a healthy body weight. The foods that must be included in a balanced diet include fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, milk and dairy products, pulses, beans, fish, meat, eggs and other proteins, oils and spreads, and less saturated fat and sugar. A balanced diet should consist of 5 portions of fruits, three heaped tablespoons of vegetables. In addition, wholegrain or whole meal varieties of starchy foods should be selected as they are high in fiber, vitamin and mineral content.

Naman Wakil is a food lover from Los Angeles, California who said that in order to stay healthy, active and to stay energized; one should always include well-balanced nutritious food in the diet. He states that having a mixed, well-balanced diet refers to intake of an assortment of foods from all food groups every day, in the suggested quantities. It is also essential to select a variation of foods from every food group since various foods offer various kinds and quantities of important nutrients. Selecting a range of foods would aid to make the meals exciting, as a result of which you do not get fed up with your diet. He further added that the serving portions for adults and children should vary depending on their age and body weight.

Taking proteins and carbohydrates in breakfast is a good option. Cereals like cornflakes would give a lot of vitality, boiled or sprouted protein rich pulses are another great idea and adding some spices will enhance flavor too, along with would keep the exhaustion at bay. Egg, bread and milk would be another great substitute. When it comes to mid-day meals, nutrition and balanced diet consumption is an essential factor. The meal should consist of a thorough blend of nutrients ranging from fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Taking raw veggies and salads add a lot of fiber. Taking milk and dairy products would give a lot of energy. Usually at night, people like to consume a lot, but here is where they make a blunder. During the evening meals, it is always advantageous to eat less and light. Fatty and fried items should be avoided, as they are not processed easily and may add up to the bad fat known as cholesterol.

Naman Wakil has the lust for food since his juvenile days. His interest in food developed as he used to watch his mother daily preparing healthy meals’. Later on he started preparing meals that are not only delicious but are also too nutritious and healthy. In addition to this, Naman is a food blogger who has been in this profession for over ten years. He loves traveling to various parts of the world to discover the exotic cuisines that are rich in flavor and nourishment.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that as suggested by Naman Wakil, the balanced diet should include foods from all groups but in moderation.

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