While many people will place their mouse on any old surface, having a high quality mouse pad is never a bad idea. It can keep the mouse cleaner, and can also provide a better detection surface for the mouse’s sensors. That means – potentially – more precision and better performance.

The G240 offers a great mouse surface, with materials specifically selected for optimal performance with the G series of mice. Its 1mm rubber base pad makes for a great non-slip mouse surface. The real question is whether a G logo on the pad equates to extra costs.

While it is a great mouse surface, modern mice don’t necessarily need a specialised surface to perform well. In the end, if the ends justify the costs for individuals, it is a decent mouse pad to consider. But there are many decent mouse surfaces out there…

Logitech G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad


If you feel the need to get a specialised mouse surface, the G240 is a decent option.

Manufacturer Logitech

Distributer: Logitech

Online: www.logitech.com


Tech Specs:

  • High grade cloth surface
  • 1mm non-slip rubber base mat
  • Moderate surface friction
  • Consistent texture


  • East to transport
  • Good quality



  • Do you need it?
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