We always make a promise to our partners. When in love or in a committed relationship; these promises do matter. Sometimes rings are also exchanged in order to keep a promise intact.

Promise ring is such a concept which has a romantic angle to it. These rings are mainly exchanged between a couple in love or commitment to make a promise and to keep it intact. That is why these rings do have a special thing, and it is related to the matters of heart.

His and Her Promise Rings

There are large varieties of promise rings for her and him that one can get in market or in online shopping websites. There are pairs in which one is for the male partner and one for the female partner. There is also a single ring if one wants to buy it and give it to their partner in order to promise something. Now, they can promise anything like a lifetime commitment or something else but it has to be within the couple.

His and Her Promise Rings Set

One can also buy a set of these rings if they want to exchange rings together. But remember, these rings are not similar to the engagement rings. So, this cannot be worn in an engagement ceremony. This has to be exchanged before one thinks of getting engaged to someone. This is a ring which is given if one is making a promise to their partners. It can be a promise that they will be getting engaged soon in near future or will get married soon and a partner is making that promise to the other. It can also be something else like a lifelong commitment promise or a promise to stop anything which is hampering the relationship like any bad behavior or something which you promise not to repeat twice.

Engraved Promise Rings for Her

There are varieties of rings from which one can choose. If one is buying for his female partner, then choosing a ring can be a bit difficult task. But if you have a clear idea on what your girl would love to wear then this task can be pretty much easy as well. There are many engraved rings available which you can buy for her and even if you want you can customize a ring especially for her. This will make her feel all the more special. You can engrave her name or both of your initials along with a love sign in it which will look beautiful.

His and Her Matching Promise Rings

One can also go for matching rings if they are buying it in pair. It may look a bit coy but it is also sweet and others will see how much in love you two are.

Promise rings are worn only to make a promise, and it has to be given in a romantic way. Otherwise, it looks bland. So, if you are planning to give it to your partner, arrange and make a plan for that as well.

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