Cha Fertility Center is a prominent name in America in the field of fertility preservation both in the form of egg banking and egg freezing. In domain of assisted reproductive technology or ART, these two advanced methods are extensively used. Since its inception in 2002, Cha Fertility Center is the first to establish a commercial egg bank. As matter of fact, this is the world’s first commercial egg bank and is located in Southern California. Women from diverse backgrounds come here to freeze their eggs. Fertility preservation is a major concern for most women today and Cha Fertility Center has set the benchmark in this field for others in this industry to follow. The outstanding developments made in this area by CFC with the aid of vitrification technique have made this possible.

Many people may be curious to know why egg freezing or egg banking is becoming so important today. The reason is that every woman is born only with a specified number of eggs. However, due to aging and other medical reasons, these eggs eventually lose their capacity to function appropriately. As a woman ages, there is a significant decline in her reproductive ability and this makes it difficult for her to conceive. However, through a procedure known as oocyte cryopreservation, it is possible for a woman to freeze her eggs at a young age. This enables her to store her eggs as long as she wants to. Egg banking refers to this entire process. Through this method, a woman is able to store her fertility until she ready and wants to start her own family.

Address Fertility Woes With The Best Specialists In The USA

The competent medical experts at Cha Fertility Center explain that most women preserve their fertility for a variety of reasons. However, the two most important reasons why most women do this are because:

  • Medical Reasons – Many women suffer from serious illness and medical conditions that result in irreparable damage to the functioning of their ovaries. For instance, in the case of cancer patients, radiation or chemotherapy used in their treatment destroys a woman’s ovaries. In such cases, a woman has to take permission from her parents to freeze her eggs before experiencing chemotherapy. In one case, a teenager from Arizona in the United States, who was suffering from an unusual form of bone marrow disease, decided to freeze her eggs.
  • Personal Reasons – With the increasing participation of women in the labor force, many delay pregnancy for personal reasons. Many women delay their pregnancy for advancing their careers while others wait for the right partner to come into their lives before starting a family. Moreover, there are women who already have children and wish to use their younger eggs later to extend their existing family. However, Egg freezing is a positive option for many couples and women undergoing IVF treatment.

Due to the presence of high quality medical fertility clinics like Cha Fertility Center, many people especially are becoming aware of the advantages of egg freezing and egg banking today. Moreover, this clinic is one of the most sought after clinics in America known for its caring and compassionate treatments in the field of infertility.   

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