Golf is one of the popular sports which is played in several countries in the world. Golf may seem like an easy game for most people watching it on television, but in truth, there is a whole lot of practice and skills needed to play the sport. People who really like to take some swings at the golf ball can now fulfil their wish by playing ‘Top Golf’ which does not require a person to have expert golfing skills.

Top golf is part of the global sports entertainment industry and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and it is located in 55 places of the world, with 51 in the United States, 3 in Australia, and 1 in Australia. Each of the top golf venues is state of the art building with modern features such as climate controlled hitting bays, music and entertainment systems, delicious food and drinks. In simple terms, top golf is a game in which you will hit a golf ball that is microchipped in a wide field and targets are placed in different locations, the more close you hit the target, the more number of points you will gain.

Top golf in Canada is set to be launched later this year and offer a place of nonstop fun and games. Top golf offers multiple games which people can choose. The venue is designed like a driving range but with several bays and modern features equipped with it. The top golf technology was developed by twin brothers Steve and Dave Joliffe in Watford, England and the purpose was to offer leisure activity to people who come to enhance their golfing skills. Playing the game is not the only attraction as people can enjoy their time by devouring sumptuous meals and boosting their energy with delightful drinks. Top golf is just like a bigger version of a bowling alley but with whole different level of fun and excitement. People of all ages can play, and there are several bays that you and your group can easily get a bay to pay try their golfing skills and club the golfing ball.

You can bring your friends and family and enjoy a day out hitting the golf balls. The first step is to book a bay which can easily be done on the check in counter. A Top golf bay can accommodate up to 6 people, and if you have a larger group, then the management would arrange another bay for you.

The second step is to choose the games you and your group wants to play. You will register for a playing card and load it with the games; you will know all about the information on the pricing of the games. The male and female clubs are already available in the bay but mostly are for right handed players.

The third step is getting the golf balls; you will have to scan the playing card and place a basket under the ball dispenser. There are 20 balls per game, and your name uniquely assigns the balls. The next thing for you is to locate the bay given to you and your group. You will have to scan the ball through the reader, and your name will appear on the screen. You will have the option to pick from the selection of games that will appear at the bottom of the screen. You and your group of friends can each take turns but remember to stay behind the red line. You can even register online to check the scores you and your group of friends got.

You and your family members or friends can order food and drinks from a menu. The venue staff will bring the food and drinks that you ordered instead of you waiting in queues for your order. There are multiple screens and even a television screen where you can watch live television, particularly if you want to check the score of a baseball or basketball match. Top golf in Canada will truly be a unique experience for people who love to indulge in playful and fun-filled activities. Top golf is an amazing way to hang around with your dear family members and friends. Top golf is not expensive, and the number of people you have in the group, the cost will be divided and lowered. All the equipment is already available, and you or your friends do not need to carry big bags with golf clubs and golf balls. There are tournaments held after every few months, and you can register yourself if you think you have developed the golfing skills and can swing the golf club like a seasoned pro. The food is impressive, and the whole setting helps you to treat the game as a social gathering which is more than you could ask for

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