Gone are the days when people would flock with friends and family in their living rooms to watch sports matches or election updates…. roaring through the roofs and sharing the thrills while relishing these live events together. Now everything has to be a click away, on their handheld devices, that’s the norm and the need of the century. In most cases, viewers are resorting to new ways of safely downloading torrents for getting the act underway.

Torrenting Videos

In contemporary times, viewers want to view movies, videos, serials etc of their choice as per their time availability. They do not want to be restricted by the time chosen by the cable channels for airing their favorites. In that event, the technology by which you could safely download torrent comes in handy.  Torrenting is not anything new, but surely it has picked up in the last decade after the internet connections in homes have gained speed and become a commonly used commodity. It’s a solution whereby the client BitTorrent runs on the .torrent file in the background, and then the source files required are either downloaded or streamed. These source files could be either picked up from an authorized source or sought from the peer to peer connections, the core technique which torrenting expedites.

Torrenting Live Events

Conventional torrenting meant that only existing video/audio or games files could be viewed or executed. The latest innovation in this area gives viewers the capability to stream live programs. The newbie released by BitTorrent has created waves, where viewers can view or share online through live streaming, all events such as news, sports matches, election updates and concerts. This is further enabled by a file-sharing protocol called BitTorrent Live. The aspect to watch out for viewers is that BitTorrent Live does not run into latency issues which kill the thrill of live events. Especially, it should not be so that Twitter or Facebook has announced the result of the match; even while through streaming, the viewer is still trying to guess, or place bets, on the outcome of the live competition.

Smart Viewer’s Pick

So, for watching live events there is BitTorrent live and for other video or audio streaming, the best choice is cloudload.com. It is the one stop cloud based solution which offers all that you need in a single portal. Once you are a member of Cloudload, you can use any of your devices’ interchangeably to stream or download torrents of your choice. As a user, you obtain speeds up to 10Gbps which is beyond what any torrent streaming provider promises. Here, 24 file types are supported to stream from. Since torrenting is done via cloud, users can also use the storage space to download and save files and also upload personal files for either safe storage or sharing. Since all the downloading and streaming takes place from the cloud directly, the user identity is hidden and he/she can safely download torrent.

The summary for a smart viewer is, get a reliable internet connection. Go for BitTorrent Live for viewing live telecasts and subscribe to Cloudload to stream and safely download torrent.