Ever since the introduction of the mobile phones, many people have been talking about the health risks it poses. Some people feared that the electromagnetic radiation cell phones transmitted via its antenna could be bad to one’s health.

There is no proven fact that cell phones can actually cause cancer or other health problems, but it is clear that people are getting concerned about the electromagnetic radiations and are seeking ways to reduce it to the barest minimum. Aires Technologies is one of the top suppliers of radiations blocking cell phone case designed to shield people from electromagnetic waves.

Not all cell phone cases block radiation. Only those designed with the capacity to block radiation can help. It is thus important to look out for cell phone cases that are designed to block radiation from cell phones. There are lots of models and brands available on the market designed to meet your needs.

What You Need To Know About Cell Phone Radiation

Basically cell phones operate by sending radio waves via the air. Thus radio frequency energy is a form of radiation. Put more precisely, it is a non-ionizing type of radiation, which means it carries a lower risk of causing diseases than, say, an x-ray machine.

However, smart phones emit a higher amount of radiation compared to older devices. As more people spend more time with their smart phones, they become susceptible to radiation effects.

Do You Really Need a Cell Phone Case That Protects against radiation?

Well, unless you are overly concerned that you may have been absorbing way too much radiation. There have been no definitive reason or research to prove that radio waves can be harmful to one’s health. Until conclusive studies become available, people are still not very worried about mobile phone radiation. Health conscious individual may defy the odds and go all the way to ensure they reduce their radiation risks.

There are several options available for radiation blocking cell phone case that could help. These cases help to deflect radio waves away from your head. The case detects radio waves and directs them away from you. Just so you know they do not offer absolute protection from radiation, but help reduce the risk.

Tips For Reducing Your Radiation Exposure From a Cell Phone

Having an anti-radiation cell phone case is one of the most effective solutions to reducing the effects of cell phone radiation on the body. However, it is not just the only way to reduce the amount of radiation absorbed into your body; other ways include

  • Consider switching to a flip phone, or make some research about mobile phones that give off lesser radiation.
  • Avoid carrying your mobile phone close to your body, rather put it in your purse, bag or briefcase.
  • When your phones battery gets low, your phone works twice as hard to maintain cellular connection, hence more radiation. Be sure to have your phone charged regularly.
  • It is advisable that you have a landline or telephone around the home or office as opposed to using mobile phones at all times