Having a legal problem is stressful for any number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that you have to find a lawyer you trust to represent you and try to win your case. This can be particularly difficult if you’ve never done it before; how do you find someone who is trustworthy, someone who has the right experience for you, and someone that can meet your fee-related expectations? Slogging through the mountains of names and firms out there in order to find someone who may or may not be right for you is a huge, stressful task – there are over 40,000 lawyers practicing in Ontario alone (1)!In addition to all the time spent calling lawyers you don’t know and struggling with knowing if they are actually right for you, there is the added concern of expense. Getting to know a lawyer usually involves having a consultation with them – and if you need to meet a few lawyers to get to someone who is a good fit, you could easily find yourself paying $1,000 in consultation fees before hiring any of them.


To solve these issues, one of the best methods is to use a free legal referral service like Ontario’s Lawyer Connection, which can help you find exactly the right lawyer to suit your needs. A legal referral service will analyze your case, determine your needs, and refer you to a local lawyer with the right experience for you – all for free! This is especially useful for people who know they need help from a lawyer, but aren’t sure which type of lawyer they need or what kind of experience would be most helpful. Even if you do know these things, you may not have an efficient way to locate local lawyers with the expertise you’re looking for. This is where a legal referral service can be immensely helpful.

The process is simple: once you contact the referral service with basic information about your case and where you are located, their experienced staff will reach out to their network of lawyers and find one who has the right experience for you. Once they’ve identified a lawyer who is a great fit for your case, they will arrange for the lawyer to contact you directly, and you can consult with them to see if everything fits. But not to worry if it doesn’t; if for whatever reason you don’t want to use the lawyer they have referred, most of these kinds of services will happily make another recommendation until you find exactly the lawyer you’re looking for.

Legal referral services specialize in knowing exactly which lawyers are good at what. This includes more than just knowing who has experience in criminal law or business law or real estate. These services will be familiar with the track records of the lawyers they recommend, knowing whether they are specialists at negotiation or mediation, and what specific types of cases they specialize in. This knowledge is bolstered by the feedback they get from prior clients –they can easily keep track of which lawyers have a track record of client success and satisfaction, they make it a priority to keep referring new cases to those lawyers. Gathering this type of information yourself would be nearly impossible, not to mention extremely time-consuming and stressful – instead, try using a legal referral service like http://www.lawyerconnection.ca to help resolve your legal woes as quickly and simply as possible.


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