Shaving can be a drag irrespective of the style of facial hair you sport, but keeping beards in check is especially challenging.

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If you are trying to steer clear of the razor or trimmer for fear of what might happen, these tips will let you master your man fuzz rather than shying away from engaging with it and allowing it to turn into a scruffy mess as a result.

Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Skin that reacts badly to shaving of any kind is a common problem for men; however, preparing properly prior to your shave can help to eliminate the irritation, bleeding and other nastiness that might otherwise occur.

Warm your face with a little water and leave it wet, then apply a small amount of beard oil to sensitive areas and leave it to work its magic for half a minute before rinsing. Beard oils from sites such as are a good choice.

You can then start shaving or trimming, making sure to keep the blade wet and regularly rinsed. Apply more cream or oil if necessary to get the closest shave without agitating your skin.

Coping with thick Beard Growth

If sensitive skin is not an issue but your beard seems too big, bushy and thick to be dealt with using normal techniques, all is not lost. Get your hands on some shaving oil and apply it before you use any kind of cream, making your face and beard wet while softening the hair enough to make it easier to remove with a razor.

Once you have hacked back the growth you want removed, remember to rinse your face thoroughly, preferably using cool water, before using aftershave to close the pores and moisturiser to address any dryness.

Perfecting Trimming Techniques

If you are going for a moustache or goatee look, a different approach to shaving is required. Start by cleaning the facial hair you want to keep with beard wash to give it that special sheen. Next add a little oil mixed with the gel or cream of your choice to the parts you want to shave cleanly, remembering to define the lines and shape of your facial hair so you can avoid these areas as you proceed.

Shave and then rinse with cold water, adding aftershave to the mix if you want to smell great all day.

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