High blood pressure is a common symptom of stress, excessive smoking, diabetes, overweight and high cholesterol. We may have poor lifestyle and this could be a time bomb waiting to explode. If we are diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is important whether we have good lifestyle. High blood pressure may creep up slowly and people often don’t experience any discomfort at early phases. However, when the situation has become more serious, it is important to get prescribed medication from a doctor. The doctor should also recommend modifications in lifestyle to reverse the situation.

There are different medications that can be used to reduce high blood pressure, such as statins. We could also be recommended to limit salt intake. We should know what is high blood pressure and it is often said as a persistently elevated kind of blood pressure. It happens due to various reasons, but the most common is the narrowing of blood vessel; causing blood to flow faster. High blood pressure could cause other diseases, such as aneurysm, heart failure, heart attacks, renal failure, blindness and others. Blood pressure tester is available in local pharmacies and can be used at home.

We should be checked for high blood pressure if we have thumping heart, nosebleeds, dizziness, flushing of the face, unusual fatigue and constant headaches. When blood pressure is tested, two values are measured, working or systolic and resting or diastolic. People with blood pressure values higher 120/80mmHg can be considered of approaching or having hypertension. To be specific, pre hypertension is when our blood pressure is between 120/80 and 138/89mmHg. If our blood pressure is at 140/90 or higher, then we already have hypertension. If we want to reverse high blood pressure, there are things that we should do:

We could reverse high blood pressure by:

  • Having active lifestyle: Perform light daily exercises; if we can’t do more intense exercise sessions.
  • Eat healthily: Remove bad fats from our diet and replace them with good dietary fiber from plant-based ingredients.
  • Stop smoking: This could be among the most difficult change and professional helps may be needed for permanent smoking cessation.
  • Manage obesity and overweight: With light exercise and reduced fat intake; we should start to see reduction in body weight.
  • Treat high sugar level: We should consult with the doctor to know the appropriate step to reduce our high blood pressure level.
  • Manage stress: Stress is unavoidable in modern life, so instead of avoiding it, we should know how to manage it and confront stressors directly.
  • Accept aging as part of the process: Actually, aging process is indicated by higher blood pressure. We should consider this as a natural part of the life process and we need to compensate by adopting healthier lifestyle to minimize the overall increases.
  • Reduce salt intake: High salt intake can be obtained from snacks and processed foods. Choose fresh ingredients to limit salt intake.
  • Thyroid and adrenal problems: If blood pressure remains high despite lifestyle changes; check whether we have thyroid and adrenal problems.
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