With the passage of time, as we are coming closer to technology more and more options are getting available to people when it comes to gambling and mediums or platforms to carry out this addictive activity. In other words, with rapid technological growth in the last few decades, gamblers are now bombarded with a range of options as well as platforms, when it comes to betting money.

However, what is important to note here is, because of the easy accessibility to gambling a wide range of gambling addiction cases are also coming into picture, which is really not good for any healthy and responsible society.

As per the Gambling Commission’s Industry statistics, there are millions of people who are either directly or indirectly affected by gambling addiction which includes problem gambling and pathological gambling.

Sign And Symptoms Of Gambling Addiction-Top Tips For Dealing

There is no denying that it is quite difficult to recognize gambling addicts, as they hardly show any sort of physical changes in their health or behavior. If you are not close to such people, you won’t even understand that they are addicted to gambling. However if you observe them closely and attentively you may be able to recognize some sort signs which indicate that a person in question is a gambling addict.

 6 Important Signs That Talk About Gambling Addiction

1. Gambling addicts start lying from their family and friends

Gambling addicts always have this nature of being secretive about their activities (gambling) and that’s the reason they start lying from their loved ones and friend about anything and everything related to gambling. They never want their spouses and colleagues to know about it, probably because somewhere they know that gambling is not something that can be appreciated by people. In addition to that, gamblers may also think that these people can ask them to stop gambling, hence they start lying to them.

2. Gambling addicts have a strong urge to win back the lost money

 Most of the times, gamblers try to justify their gambling activities by saying that once they get back money lost by them through earlier bets, they will stop the whole thing then and there. And with an aim of chasing the money lost earlier, then end up building more losses and debts.

3. Gamblers keep on borrowing money from others

 Another important sign of gambling addicts is that they are never ashamed of asking money from others. Even after knowing that it’s really embarrassing for them and their families, they still go ahead with borrowing money from other people, in order to go ahead with more bets.

4. To get more satisfaction gamblers start betting more

In order to get that perfect enjoyment from gambling, they start betting more frequently, irrespective of its adverse consequences. Once the addiction reaches its peak, it starts harming them mentally.

5. They cannot stop their gambling activities

Once they are completely addicted to gambling they cannot stop it, which affects them mentally, emotionally (emotionally as their family members start abandoning them), financially.

Top Tips for tackling gambling addiction

1. Accept the problem you are going through

If you are really looking forward to recovering from gambling addiction, the first and most important thing that you need to realize here is, you have to accept the fact that you are going through some serious problem. Once you identify your gambling addiction as a serious problem, you can then go ahead with finding right solutions for overcoming it.

2. Join a self-help group

Another important step to tackle gambling addiction is that, once you realize that you are suffering from this issue, you need to join a self-help or support group immediately.

3. Change your companions

The next important step to avoid gambling is to change your friends or companions, who support you in your gambling activities and who are also gambling addicts. In addition to that, try to make new friends who kind of that this activity.

4. Take professional assistance

Seeking professional assistance is one of the most important parts of quitting gambling. Cognitive behavioral therapy remains one of the most significant treatment when it comes to recovering from gambling addiction in London. Cognitive behavioral therapy motivates gambling addicts to develop coping skills and allow them to make use of cognitive tools to when it comes to overcoming the urge to gamble.

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