Power washers, drill presses and forklifts all play a role in tackling tough industrial tasks, but on a smaller scale, workers rely on some everyday tools to make their jobs easier. Read on to learn about some gadgets that might make a welcome addition to your toolbox.

The Trusty 5-in-1 Tool

House painters count on the 5-in-1 tool for all sorts of tasks — scraping old paint, cleaning paint rollers, removing dried paint from a paint can seal — but the innovative design of this lightweight hand tool makes it adaptable for a number of other uses, too.

This inexpensive tool looks like a putty knife (and can be used as one), only it has a semicircular cutout on one side and a pointed edge on one side of the blade. You can use the pointed edge to remove grout, use the flat edge to clean up glue or other messes, and when you can’t find a screwdriver, the blade is small enough to fit most screw heads.

Simple Hand Tools That Make Work Easier

The Handy Utility Knife

One of the most versatile cutting tools you can own is a folding knife. Use it to cut rope, cardboard, packaging tape, vinyl, carpet — it’ll slice through most materials easily, unlike a pair of scissors. The folding design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or tool belt, and some models come with an external clip or lanyard attachment, for quick and easy access.

The Simple Mechanical Pencil

If carpentry is a function of your job, you have undoubtedly at one time or another scrambled to find a decent, sharp pencil to make marks on lumber. An old-fashioned pencil requires the use of a pencil sharpener, which isn’t always easy to find or conveniently located, and once the eraser wears down, it’s useless.

Having your own mechanical pencil ensures that you’ve always got one of the most essential tools in carpentry. You can keep spare leads and erasers nearby, too, so you’ll never be without either. Plus, mechanical pencils have a number of other uses — like marking dimensions on sheetrock or drywall. Just don’t forget to remove the pencil marks.

Simple Hand Tools That Make Work Easier

The Portable Flashlight

Some may not consider a flashlight a tool that’s helpful in industrial settings, but if you ever have to diagnose a problem with a machine you’re using, it can save you a lot of frustration.

A flashlight can help you spot material lodged in a machine or find a dropped nut or washer on the floor. And if the power goes out while you’re working, you can use your flashlight to find the nearest outlet and unplug your machine, so you don’t risk injury or shock when the power comes back on.

Small Tools offer Big Benefits

Sometimes, the most inexpensive hand tools are among the most useful. Everyone has a favorite tool, and you may find you’ve overlooked a simple solution to everyday on-the-job problems. Ask around and find out what gadgets your coworkers use that make their jobs easier.

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