If you’re a web designer with multiple clients, you may have already been asked if you also provide hosting services. If so, you should consider providing website hosting services as part of your business. This will boost your income and improve customer satisfaction by being able to solve both their design and hosting needs at one time. Many web hosting services offer affordable reseller accounts, so there’s no need to buy your own server.

Going Beyond Web Design: Hosting The Websites You Build

Benefits for Designers

The main benefit for your business is a new source of revenue, as you’ll receive ongoing monthly or annual fees for this service from your clients. The Average Hosting Cost Guide can help you decide how much to charge, and you can also use bulk reseller discounts to host your sites at little expense. A major advantage of supplying customers with web hosting is that you can work with a single company with a familiar interface and all the features you need.

When you manage hosting accounts, you’ll be responsible for providing clients with technical assistance and website maintenance. They can easily request that you perform updates if they lack the technical skills to modify their websites. You can even restore access to clients who lose their passwords.

Another benefit of bundled web hosting is that it keeps you in contact with customers after you finish building their websites. They’ll turn to you when they need design updates or additional pages. You may also offer discounts on other website-related services as well, such as advertising or content development. web design service sydney

Benefits for Clients

By being able to provide more than just one service, your web design customers will enjoy a faster setup process, reliable hosting and seamless technical support. When clients need help with their websites, they can contact you about both hosting and design issues.

You can also customize accounts to meet clients’ specific needs. This means that they don’t have to pay for a lot of extra resources they’ll never use. It also prevents customers from choosing hosts with inadequate bandwidth or disk space. As a web designer, you can estimate their hosting needs accurately.

Clients will also appreciate the ability to pay one provider for most or all of their website services. This saves time and makes it easier to keep track of the total cost. Some designers further simplify the process by combining several services into a single monthly bill, such as hosting, maintenance and promotion.

In the end, your customers will experience fewer hassles when you manage their hosting. They won’t have to spend time looking for a web host or trying to figure out which features they need. You’ll also handle all communication with the web hosting service that supplies your reseller accounts.

Being a One-Stop Web Shop

The reason people hire web designers is to save time, avoid complicated tasks and know that their site will be an effective and engaging one. Upping your game and providing bundled web hosting will help you build a reputation as a hassle-free designer who handles all aspects of web development. Keep in mind that it’s vital to prevent downtime and data loss by choosing a reseller hosting provider carefully, and by doing so, you can increase your business’s profitability and gain clients looking to establish their online presence.

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